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Enhance AI and ML models with precise video data labeling

  • Accurate Object Detection and Tracking
  • Advanced Action and Facial Recognition
  • Efficient Bounding Boxes and Key Point Annotation
  • Detailed Video Segmentation with Frames Classification
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Partner with top video annotation company for best computer vision training data

Ensure pinpoint annotation accuracy in every frame to turn visual data into reliable AI training material to build powerful computer vision models.

We at Hitech BPO, as a leading video annotation company, ensure unparalleled accuracy, scalable annotations, and strict adherence to guidelines for providing high quality video annotation services to empower your AI and Machine learning models. Our teams of video annotation specialists are experienced in handling annotation types including bounding boxes, frames classification, keypoint, cuboid, polygon, and polyline annotation, etc. to meet all your video training data needs.

We understand the critical role of detailed video annotation in fast tracking the deployment of your AI and machine learning models. Our state-of-the-art video annotation services are designed to address the core need for training algorithms in object detection, action recognition, facial recognition, and more. Our expertise in understanding and labeling the nuances of video segmentation and analytics ensures the precision of details fed into your computer vision models. We leverage the latest tools and technology, and robust processes for that unwavering focus on quality, compliance, and confidentiality while annotating videos for your AI initiatives.


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Video Annotation Services, We Offer

Object Detection and Tracking

Object Detection and Tracking

Precisely identify, label & track objects in video frames to differentiate between elements in a scene for various applications.

Action Recognition

Action Recognition

Identify and annotate specific actions within videos, enhancing AI’s ability to understand dynamic movements and interaction, and predict human behavior.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Advanced annotation techniques to recognize faces, expressions, gestures, and emotions within the images for security and personalized user experiences.

Bounding Boxes

Bounding Boxes

Utilize bounding boxes to identify and categorize items in images and videos for efficient object localization in various environments.

Frames Classification

Frames Classification

Classifying individual frames within a video sequence for detailed segmentation of data as ‘good’, ‘degraded’, ‘bad’ or ‘no data’, and understand video content.

Key Point Annotation

Key Point Annotation

Annotate specific points of interest on objects or subjects in a video frame to estimate pose, track objects over time, or recognize patterns and shapes.

Cuboid Annotation

Cuboid Annotation

We use 3D cuboid annotation to encase objects within a video and help AI models understand height, width, and depth for accurate spatial analysis.

Polygon and Polyline Annotation

Polygon and Polyline Annotation

Precise annotation of irregular shapes and paths, to help train AI recognize objects that do not conform to standard geometric shapes.

Case Study

Discover Our Expertise in Video Annotation

Explore how our video annotation services have powered AI advancements across industries.

Live traffic video stream annotation for Data Analytics Company

The client needed categorize and label the huge number of vehicles based on movement to develop machine learning solutions to predict traffic-related issues.

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Our Video Annotation Process


Data Collection

Gathering relevant video data tailored to your project needs.


Data Annotation

Employing advanced techniques for accurate labeling and categorization of video data.


Quality Assurance

Rigorous quality checks to ensure high accuracy and reliability of annotated data.


Data Security

Implementing stringent data security measures to protect the privacy and integrity of your video data.


Integration and Deployment

Seamlessly integrating annotated data into your AI models for enhanced machine learning capabilities.

Video Annotation Solutions

Computer Vision

Computer vision solutions interpret images and videos, enabling automated object detection and analysis. Employ annotation services that transform visual data into actionable insights and optimize industrial operations.

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NLP Solutions

NLP annotation solutions understand, process, and generate sentiment analysis. They also power customer support automation and content categorization in textual data for strategic decision-making.

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How You Benefit from Our Video Annotation Services

Customized Annotation Solutions

Customized Annotation Solutions

Tailored solutions to meet your specific AI and machine learning requirements, ensuring that your models are trained with accurate and relevant data.

Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability and Flexibility

Our services are scalable to handle large volumes of video data, and flexible to adapt to various annotation needs, ensuring efficiency in your AI projects.

Advanced Tools and Techniques

Advanced Tools and Techniques

We use state-of-the-art tools and platforms for video annotation, annotating for complex scenarios like action recognition and facial recognition.

Industry-Specific Expertise

Industry-Specific Expertise

Whether it’s autonomous vehicles, medical imaging, or any other domain, we understand and meet your specific video annotation needs.

Industries and Verticals, We Serve

Our versatile video annotation services are tailored for various industries and domains.

FAQs for Video Segmentation

What is video annotation and why is it used?

Video annotation involves tagging video frames with labels to make the content understandable for AI models. Our video annotation services are used to train AI models for tasks like object detection, activity recognition, and behavior analysis.

How much does video annotation cost?

The cost of our video annotation service offerings varies depending on the complexity of the videos, the level of detail required in the annotation, and the volume of content. We provide customized quotes based on project specifics too.

What is your typical turnaround time for projects?

Our typical turnaround time depends on the annotation project’s scope and complexity. We rely on efficient project management and communication, ensuring timely delivery without compromising on quality.

Do you guarantee data accuracy?

Yes, Hitech BPO guarantees high data accuracy in our video annotation services. We employ rigorous quality control measures, including multiple review stages and validation by experts, to ensure the highest standards of precision.

How do you ensure data security and privacy?

We adhere to strict data protection protocols, including encryption, secure access controls, and compliance with international data privacy laws, to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of your video data.

What tools and platforms do you use for video annotation?

Hitech BPO utilizes a range of advanced tools and platforms for video annotation, including proprietary software and industry-standard solutions. Our technology stack is selected for its precision, efficiency, and adaptability to specific project needs.

Do you have experience with my specific industry or domain (e.g., autonomous vehicles, medical imaging)?

Yes, Hitech BPO has extensive experience of video annotation across autonomous vehicles, medical imaging, retail analytics, and security surveillance. We tailor our services to meet the unique requirements of these sectors.

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