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High performing, scalable and decay resistant database

  • Improved client satisfaction
  • Optimized data maintenance cost
  • Standardized and validated readily usable data
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Validate, enhance, standardize, and monetize your B2B data for improved brand credibility

Managing voluminous B2B data requires continuous monitoring, validation and updating of existing database.

At Hitech BPO, we provide comprehensive B2B data management solutions that monitor and check your critical databases for accuracy and relevancy in real-time. We collect demographic, firmographic, sociographic and technographic information to verify and update critical information in real-time or at scheduled intervals.

We conduct ongoing database health audits through multi-layered data validation rounds to eliminate data decay. Our scheduled macros validate data continuously, at intervals or get triggered by any event considering the requirement and sensitivity of your data.

With over three decades of experience, across 1,000+ projects and millions of records; we bring to table the expertise, services, and strategies that ensure you capitalize on your B2B database to the fullest. Our B2B data solutions are tailored to meet your organizational needs and size of your database.

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What our Customer Says

Our database keeps changing continuously. In this scenario, our existing database grew large and complex. That’s when we approached Hitech BPO and clear up the mess. We now are able to sell and market our data easily and generate more revenue out of it.

Head Database Leading Financial B2B Data aggregator

Case Study

Discover our Data Solutions Works

Quality Data Enrichment for A French Data Aggregator

Constantly update and maintain voluminous database of over 14.5 million hospitality records for improved customer experience. With the quality data the client intended to increase conversions and market share.

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Database Hygiene for Leading Business Information Platform

The B2B data aggregator was looking for a database validation, update & enrichment solution to maintain its 50 Million-record. Streamlining voluminous omni-channel data sourcing from diverse data sources.

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Data update for academic analytics company improves brand credibility

Large and diverse volume of data was verified and validated through web research to enhance database accuracy, build brand credibility and increase performance

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Data verification of investment portfolios to support government bids

Accurate verification and enrichment of financial business data built robust investment portfolio to support government agencies bring in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

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B2B data solutions, we offer

Automate and streamline the process of growing your B2B database and keep existing data fresh in real-time

Data Enrichment

Capturing business contacts and company data changing at an incredible speed is expensive. Match and append information to have accurate and ready to sell B2B database.

  • Demographic data enrichment
  • Financial data enrichment
  • Geographic data enrichment

Data Validation

Constant validation and verification are important to prevent decay of your B2B dataset. Validate, enhance, standardize, and make data analytics ready before selling it to your clients.

  • Contact data validation
  • B2B company data validation
  • Lead validation

Customer Profiling

Get correct understanding about the customers in the database, based on characteristics, geography, preferences etc., to empower your clients to do better sales and grow profitably.

  • Psychographic profiling
  • Consumer typology
  • Consumer characteristics

Data Insights

Fine combination of human research, machine learning, and artificial intelligence leveraged to glean actionable insights from across a diverse portfolio of data sources.

  • B2B data insights
  • Better decision making
  • Analytics ready b2b database

How you benefit from our B2B data solutions

High performing B2B database

High performing B2B database

Data consistency, accuracy, and reliability to eliminate redundancies for easier to use and maintain database.

Enhanced revenues

Enhanced revenues

The more accurate your data is, the greater is the return on investment, and there are no additional costs.

Brand credibility

Brand credibility

Good data quality will impact positively on your brand productivity, efficiency and reliability so that improves your brand reputation

Improved satisfaction

Improved satisfaction

Accurate customer data helps your client’s marketing teams to deliver products and services at the right time

Optimized cost

Optimized cost

Reduction in data remediation costs will result in a greater return on investment on database management.

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