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Discover our Photo Editing Works

Photo Editing for Real Estate Photographer and Videographer

A USA based photography and videography company wanted to implement real estate photo editing and retouching for post-processing property images captured by its 20+ photographers.

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Image enhancement for eCommerce portal drives higher customer engagement

Enhanced images on the portal boosted product appeal and performance, leading to increased conversions and revenues, and an updated product catalog.

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70,000+ fashion accessory images edited in record 36 hours

Expertly edited fashion product images using advanced editing software enhanced visual impact of store, increase conversions and brand image.

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46,000 kids’ wear images edited within 12 hours

Optimal color saturation coupled with advanced image editing techniques enhanced brand image and user experience.

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324,000 images edited within tight deadlines for print retail catalogs

Exclusive catalogue created using edited images positively impacted sales across all 47 stores in the USA.

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Thousands of underwater images edited for a swimming school based in UK

Swim school wanted to share underwater images of their infants while they learnt swimming with parents; as strategic marketing initiative.

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Clear, vibrant and bright images for higher conversions

We deliver high quality product photos that reinforce your brand image. Dive into our array of outsourced image editing and retouching services for first-hand experience of how our professional photo editors beautify raw images, eliminating every flaw and distortion.

Product Photo Editing

Product Photo Editing

We use retouching, resizing, and color correction techniques to enhance visual appeal, accurately represent items and boosts sales.

Real Estate Photo Editing

Real Estate Photo Editing

We edit and enhance real estate photographs to convert prospects into buyers and inspire higher sales and conversions for your property listings.

Wedding Photo Editing

Wedding Photo Editing

We perfect special moments by adjusting lighting, color, and details to create timeless, beautiful matrimonial imagery and cherished memories.

Furniture Photo Editing

Furniture Photo Editing

We enhance product appeal by refining texture, color correction, and dimension adjustments to attract customers and boost sales.

Fashion Photo Editing

Fashion Photo Editing

We refine images by emphasizing textures, colors, and models’ features to elevate the visual impact of clothing, accessories and brand presentations.

Food Photo Editing

Food Photo Editing

We enhance dish appeal by enhancing colors, highlighting textures, and lighting, to make dishes look irresistibly delicious and inviting.

Automotive Photography Editing

Automotive Photo Editing

We enhance vehicle images through retouching, color correction, and background adjustments for more striking and appealing visuals.

#1 Partner for Image Editing & Retouching

Hitech BPO is your outsourcing partner for image editing & retouching services, trusted by professional photography agencies, digital agencies, market Place, eCommerce and online retailers since 1992.

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Professional photo editing services to enhance your online presence

Our photo editing services are an imperative for companies that rely on magazine quality images for printing ads to advertise their products. We deliver advanced photo cutouts, balancing brightness, repairing scratches, creases, remove spots, figure/feature correction etc. by deploying photo editing tools like Photoshop and Lightroom.

Our robust workflows for all types of image enhancement and photo restoration make your images and entire marketing campaign gain competitive advantage. We offer multiple file sharing options, image saving, file conversions, imports and exports in various formats to heighten our client’s experience.

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Photo editing for multiple industries and verticals

Our domain expertise helps us deliver high quality images with consistent quality

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Photo Studios
clothing and footwear
Clothing & Footwear
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Jewelry and Luxury Goods
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Electronic Stores
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Real Estate Companies
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Publishing Houses
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Image Editing FAQs


Can I customize image editing requirements?

Yes, we offer customized solutions to your image editing requirements. You can give us your specifications, target audience and the kind of results you expect from the image and we will be happy to do the required image editing.

Do you edit anything other than product images?

Our photo editing services covers more than just product images. We offer our services to diverse industries covering real estate, automobiles, electronics, sports, manufacturing, publishing house, apparels, jewellery and many more.
Do you protect my intellectual property?
We offer complete confidentiality for your images or any information you share with us. Nothing is shared anywhere or with any person without your permission. No images are used to advertise our service without your prior approval.

What is your turn-around time?

Our turn-around time is much quicker compared to what is offered in the industry. But the time would also depend on the complexity of the project and the level of editing required.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we do offer free trials.

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