Data Cleansing

Regular data cleansing avoids lost revenue, better understanding of your customers, reduce unnecessary overheads, deliver targeted campaigns, and stay compliant to Data Protection Act.

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As one of the top data cleansing service provider, we de-duplicate, replace, correct, delete, organize, validate, modify, classify, and format data collected from across multiple data fields.

Data cleansing experts at Hitech, as part of data profiling; rectify data irregularities, perform referential integrity checks, update old and obsolete data, and maintain mailing lists. Our comprehensive data cleansing & profiling services work as a strategic approach for organizations in need of consistent data validation, enriching enterprise data for higher analytical productivity.

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Data Cleansing Services
Data Cleansing Services

Clean data drives your business forward

Our data cleansing solutions optimize the quality and accuracy of your data, which includes reconciling duplicate entries, standardizing addresses, updating out-of-business records, validating information etc. helps you understand what is missing and what is outdated.

We understand the changes in people’s personal and business lives, that makes data decay year on year. We assist you with constant and regular cleansing of data in order to achieve objectives, improve communications and customer service and for future planning. We not only channelize databases, but also increase the ROI of marketing activities by optimizing the potency of databases and overall sales efforts.

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    Clients & Testimonials

    Hi-Tech’s cleansing and validation process has helped us match several thousands of records in our large database, that we would not have been able to do ourselves. Entering a misspelt name, address or incorrect date of birth is relatively common on our system applications, and Hi-Tech’s fuzzy matching to identify these errors was of great help. They were very helpful to accommodate our specific requirements and give us results in a format exactly matching our business needs.

    Whitney Howard