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Specialized data cleansing services that optimize your data quality to transform it into a high performing business asset.

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Robust data cleansing services for enriched & standardized data

As one of the best data cleansing companies, our customized and scalable data cleansing services ensure the accuracy of your email lists, CRM database, and B2B database through constant validation and enrichment.

Our data cleansing solutions effectively use automation, tools, and technologies to clean up large pools of chaotic datasets collected from disparate sources. Outsource data cleansing to us and we will de-duplicate data, normalize irregularities, add missing values, delete erroneous values, remove outliers etc. to prepare ML ready data to train complex algorithms and analytics.

As part of our data quality management process, we use structured workflow and multiple quality checks for consist delivery of clean, structured, and classified data to artificial intelligence (AI) companies and Machine learning (ML) startups. A free trial or a pilot followed with handsome discount on bulk data cleansing projects is what we offer in selected projects.

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Case Study

Discover our Data Cleansing Works

CRM database updation for an IT Company enhanced customer experience

Client database was validated, updated and enriched to make it accurate, comprehensive and high performing to enhance customer experience

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Data update for academic analytics company improves brand credibility

Large and diverse volume of data was verified and validated through web research to enhance database accuracy, build brand credibility and increase performance

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Data verification of investment portfolios to support government bids

Accurate verification and enrichment of financial business data built robust investment portfolio to support government agencies bring in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

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Data Cleansing Techniques

Data Verification Process

Data Verification/Validation

Data validation, the key step in our data cleansing process, removes inaccuracies before using it to strategize master database management of your company. Our data validation services are a series of cross checks like web research, data scrubbing, and data verification from across sources.

As a leading data verification company, we use manual, semi-automated and automated processes, and methodologies to validate your B2B database, Salesforce, ERP, CRM, and other business related critical-information databases. We verify or validate data against internal as well as external data sources and update outdated or missing values precisely as part of our data hygiene services.

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Data Enrichment & Enhancement Process

Data Enrichment & Enhancement

As one of the leading data enrichment companies, we enhance the quality of your data by adding information that is complete, correct, and current. Our data enhancement experts add demographic, financial, geographic values drawn from online or third-party data sources to enrich your customer, Sales, CRM and marketing database.

Our data enrichment services significantly increase your organizational competencies and make your data ready to be used to formulate marketing, sales, and customer service strategies. As part of our data appending services, we maintain your business-critical database and keep it up to date by removing duplicates, standardizing address data etc.

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Data Deduplication Process

Data Deduplication

Duplicate data in your database increases the cost of data storage and creates noise – negatively impacting effective decision making and analysis. Our data deduplication service is a combination of data merging, data matching, data comparison, and data purging activities; for duplicate record removal from all types of file formats and databases – digital, online, and offline.

We dedupe redundant data, improve data quality and make it clean and lean. Our data deduplication experts identify and remove duplicate blocks within datasets of any size and complexity by using a combination of manual techniques, rules, scripts and bots.

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Data Standardization Process

Data Standardization

Data standardization involves bringing together data acquired from different formats into a common database to make it structured and consistent. Standardized data aids easy tracking and collaborative research. A rather cumbersome and time-consuming task, if addressed at your end, our data cleansing experts ease your pain and give you data that is smooth and easy to operate.

Our data standardization services are customized and adheres to formats dictated by your business need.

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Benefits of Our Data Cleansing Services

Data Accuracy


Identify and remove inaccurate and irrelevant details to maintain data accuracy.

Data Integrity


Reduce inconsistencies, eliminate errors and perform referential integrity checks.

Data Cleanliness & Correctness

Cleanliness & Correctness

After cleansing and addressing outliers, results are inspected to verify correctness.

Data Completeness & Consistency

Completeness & Consistency

Regular data scrubbing to boost consistency & reliability of your company’s data.

How Data Cleansing Helps Your Business Operations Grow

Clean data drives effective decision making, analysis, strategies and increases productivity. With clean and well maintained data you spend less time on fixing errors and focus more on revenue generating activities. It increases the ROI of any marketing campaign or promotional activity.

Improves Productivity

Outsourced data cleansing services ensures your data remains clean and well-maintained and, thereby increase efficiency.

Better Analysis

Our experts clean up your database and empower you to do correct and quick analysis for better decision making.

Saves Time and Money

Working with cleaned data you don’t waste time and resources on invalid contacts and prospects.

Increases Revenue

We help you with up to date and reliable data for effective analysis and decision making, thereby increasing revenue.

Quick Decision

Clean and enriched data helps in quick business decisions which are based on accurate and consistent information.

Minimize Compliance Risk

Clean and organized business data empowers you to keep a tab on data security and avoid breaching GDPR.

Our 4 Step Data Cleansing Process

Your insights and analysis are only as good as the quality of your data. We help you schedule, monitor, and manage data cleansing and enrichment to analyze it faster and have more confidence in your data.

data collection and analysis

Collect and analyze data

Import dirty data and analyze to identify the data format, inconsistent records and check for data glitches present in the database.

data cleanup and data deduplication

Data cleanup & de-dupe

Eliminate duplicate and inconsistent values to resolve redundancy in the database, done manually for critical customer data.

database validate and verify

Validate & verify

Once the data is de-duplicated and validated, the information is standardized to a common format for easy integration and analysis.

regular monitoring and tracking

Monitoring and tracking

Regularly monitor data cleansing accuracy and make any required revisions on real-time basis for ongoing data management.

Data Cleansing – A Comprehensive Guide for 2023 [Free PDF Inside]
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This data cleaning guide to walk you through the fundamentals of data cleansing, explain why it’s needed, demonstrate the benefits and challenges and provide examples and a primer on how to clean data.

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Data Cleansing Services FAQs

Why is data cleansing important?

Data cleansing is vital because it ensures the accuracy and reliability of data, which is essential for informed decision-making and improved business performance. By identifying and rectifying errors, outdated information, and inconsistencies, data cleansing enhances data quality and minimizes costly mistakes. Clean data also facilitates compliance with regulations, builds customer trust, and enables efficient data analysis. Moreover, it prevents redundancy and enables effective data integration from multiple sources. Overall, data cleansing is a fundamental process that empowers organizations to leverage their data effectively, driving innovation, efficiency, and success.

What types of data can be cleansed?

Various types of data can be cleansed to ensure accuracy and reliability:
  • Common data types include customer information (names, addresses, contact details), transaction records, financial data, product information, and inventory data.
  • Additionally, data from surveys, feedback forms, and online sources may require cleansing.
  • Textual data, such as emails, social media posts, and reviews, can also benefit from cleansing to remove noise and inconsistencies.
  • Moreover, time-series data and sensor data can be cleansed to eliminate outliers and errors.
Essentially, any data collected and stored by an organization can undergo the data cleansing process to maintain data quality and integrity.

How does Hitech BPO perform data cleansing?

As one of the best data cleansing service provider we, at Hitech BPO, employ a systematic approach to ensure effective data cleansing.
  • We initiate by conducting a thorough data audit, identifying inconsistencies, duplicates, and inaccuracies.
  • We deploy advanced algorithms and automated tools to detect and correct errors in large datasets efficiently.
  • Our data experts manually review the data to handle complex cases and ensure high accuracy.
  • We also validate and verify data against reliable sources, removing outdated information.
  • After cleansing, we standardize the data, to ensure consistency across the database.
  • We maintain strict data security measures throughout the process, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with relevant regulations.

What are the benefits of outsourcing data cleansing?

Outsourcing data cleansing has several benefits to businesses, including:
  • Outsourced data cleansing allows companies to focus on their core competencies while experts handle data quality. This leads to improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Outsourcing ensures access to specialized skills and advanced technologies, resulting in more accurate and comprehensive data cleansing.
  • It reduces operational costs as businesses don’t need to invest in hiring and training in-house teams.
  • Outsourcing provides scalability, allowing data cleansing to be adjusted based on changing business needs.
  • Outsourcing data cleansing enhances data security and compliance, as reputable service providers maintain strict data protection measures.

Can data cleansing be performed on large datasets?

Yes, data cleansing can indeed be performed on large datasets. For dealing with large datasets challenges, advanced technologies and techniques have been developed to handle the scale efficiently. Data cleansing service providers often use parallel processing and distributed computing frameworks to process large volumes of data in a timely manner. Additionally, automated algorithms and machine learning models are employed to detect and correct errors at scale. With the right tools and manual expertise, data cleansing can be effectively applied to large datasets, ensuring data accuracy and reliability for informed decision-making.

Can data cleansing be performed periodically?

Yes, data cleansing can and should be performed periodically. Data is dynamic and subject to constant changes, so regular data cleansing is necessary to maintain its accuracy and reliability over time. Periodic data cleansing helps identify and rectify new errors, inconsistencies, and outdated information that may have accumulated since the last cleansing. By establishing a regular data cleansing schedule, organizations can ensure that their data remains up-to-date, consistent, and of high quality, enabling them to make informed decisions and derive valuable insights from their datasets.

How do I get started with Hitech BPO’s data cleansing services?

Outsourcing data cleansing has several benefits to businesses, including:
  • Check out our website to find out more about our proven track record of delivering high-quality data cleansing services.
  • Reach out to us and discuss your specific data cleansing needs and requirements.
  • We, at Hitech BPO, will conduct a thorough assessment of your data to understand its complexity and scale.
  • We will then propose a tailored data cleansing solution and outline the scope, timeline, and cost of the project.
  • A free trial, aka pilot data cleansing project, is also a possibility depending on the Scope of Work – SOW signed.
  • Once the Service Level Agreement – SLA is signed, we will commence the data cleansing process, ensuring your data is accurate, reliable, and ready for optimal use.

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