CRM Data Update for IT Services Company

Data cleansing and enrichment built a robust and vibrant CRM database

Project Overview

Business Needs

To deliver comprehensive and accurate business data to major institutional investors, client required ongoing clean up, validation, updation and enrichment of its CRM database.

The Challenges

  • Hiring and managing resources, mobile across projects, and with skills and expertise in:
    • Working on CRM database; understanding of current CRM trends
    • Analysing cleansed data for validation
    • Technology or process maturity
  • Managing resources to address fluctuating work volumes
  • Containing costs to remain profitable
  • Handling large volumes of data

Solutions and Results

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  • Team of skilled resources was set up with proficiency to clean up CRM data.
  • Requisite training was imparted to comprehend client’s vast database of global organizations.
  • The CRM database cleansing activity was split into two types: ongoing update of existing data and appending new records in the CRM database.
    • The existing organization details such as founder detail, IPO, revenue, employee increment etc. were authenticated against reliable online sources such as business directories, blogs, forums, social media sites, etc. Data was enriched with missing details to ensure that the information was complete and current.
    • New records were regularly appended to the CRM database post verification against eligibility defined. Here too data was cleansed, validated and analysed against trusted sources, mutually agreed upon with client.
  • Effective resource planning and work scheduling helped meet dynamic CRM data clean up requirements.

Business Impact

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