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Advanced video and image analytics services for valuable operational insights

  • Extract tiniest details
  • Pixel by pixel analysis
  • Remote monitoring
  • Access archived footage
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Extract relevant information from videos and images with our cutting-edge analytics

Advanced image and video analytics for field use are plagued by false positives, data drift, poor processing and other issues that need humans in the loop to review and update AI and computer vision.

Hitech BPO makes the difference with machine learning technology to build custom solutions for image processing and object recognition, image recognition, image classification and tagging, mapping and geospatial analysis, motion detection, video summarization, and other processes and techniques. Our AI-enabled image processing and computer vision solutions can serve you with deep visual insights in any industry sector.

From recognizing camera tampering, facial recognition, monitoring the elderly at home, detecting anomalies at manufacturing units, baggage screening at the airport, real-time alerts on traffic, to gauging customer sentiment at retail stores, our analytic solutions drive value across industries. Leverage our experience with image processing applications for accurate analytics and visual search.

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Our AI-powered image and video analytics services

Object Recognition

Image and Object Recognition

Identify and detect objects, places, people, or features in a digital image or video with our machine vision technologies powered by AI. Our services are customized as per client needs.

  • Defect detection
  • Medicine
  • Content moderation
Motion Detection

Motion Detection

Detect any kind of motion in a video accurately by filtering out light changes, shadows, or any false positives with our processors that are powerful enough to run motion detection algorithms.

  • Intruder alarms
  • Security lighting
  • Automatic doors
Video Summarization

Video Summarization

Speed up browsing of large collections of video data, with automatic video summarization by integrated deep-learning-based video analysis and summarization technologies.

  • Surveillance Videos
  • Medical Videos
  • News and movies
Image Semantic Segmentation

Semantic Segmentation

Assign a label to every pixel in the image utilizing deep learning algorithms. We label specific regions of an image with image segmentation which is a computer vision task.

  • Medical imaging
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Face detection

How you benefit from our image and video analytics services

Cost and time effective

Our cost-effective image and video analytic solutions aligned with time zone benefits and 24*7 team support help optimize both time and costs without compromising on quality.

Top-notch analytical tools

Equipped with broad-ranging and advanced analytical tools and techniques our services match world-class standards propelling your organization towards excellence.

Accurate analytics

With the industry’s best infrastructure, high standards of quality, and a team of skilled data analytics experts our accuracy levels match the best in the industry.

Data quality and security

Our blend of automated and manual quality assurance systems along with compliance with strict data and security regulations such as HIPAA, keeps your data safe and secure.

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