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Data Processing Services

Knowledge and experience of real estate industry to help you work effectively and grow profitably

The real estate industry routinely addresses trillions of terabytes of data flowing in from across a wide range of structured and unstructured sources. Appraisal, foreclosure, titles, deeds, sale, rental, valuation, pricing and mortgage performance documents are just some of these.

Hitech BPO not just helps you organize and process this unstructured data mine, but also derive meaningful business insights from it. So whether you are a property broker or a real estate developer, our data-driven property intelligence helps you understand the market and your customers better and deliver customized offerings.

Our real estate data management specialists are proficient at capturing, collating, standardizing and validating property data from any source. Domain knowledge gives them an added advantage in comprehending and making sense of a multitude of property documents. An optimal mix of manual and automated technologies including customized crawlers, bots, macros, ML-driven algorithms etc. drive maximum process efficiency and accuracy.

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Your team is constantly striving to offer an efficient service. They are all courteous and very pleasant to work with. We are looking forward to a long and successful working relationship with the team. We would like to thank you all very, very much.

Project Manager Property Inventory Services

Case Study

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Customer data collected increased circulation of real estate publication

Accurate capture of customer data to assess current subscription base and identify potential customers leading to targeted marketing and increased circulation.

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Accurate data entry enhanced operational efficiency and revenue

Technology backed data entry solution for a real estate listing site helped them manage voluminous data with high accuracy and speed

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Real Estate Offerings

Real Estate Services

Our array of customised real estate services has delivered high ROI for a global clientele. Our key service offerings include:

REO Listing Support Services

Our reliable and cost-effective REO listing support services are structured to meet specific requirements of banks, mortgage lenders, brokers, asset managers etc.

  • Property management
  • Rental
  • Agent registration
  • Billing & valuation
  • Disposition of REO assets

Property Data Processing

We process complex property data and convert them into structured and usable information for seamless operations and business growth.

  • Cleanse
  • Classify
  • Standardize
  • Enrich
  • Integrate real estate documents

Real Estate Data Collection

Our open source and custom web crawlers navigate complex site codes with speed and accuracy to extract voluminous real estate data.

  • Online research to update database
  • Property documents data collection
  • Property data collection from website
  • Appraisal data collection
  • Property ad listing

Real Estate Data Entry Services

Trained data entry specialists with deep domain knowledge work 24*7 to key in data of any complexity with over 99% accuracy and unmatched speed.

  • Online or offline data entry
  • Entry from documents
  • Entry into spreadsheets
  • Entry into CRM database
  • Entry into ERP systems

Why Choose Hitech BPO?

Statistical approaches

Technology Driven

Well equipped with advanced tools and technology. Capable of creating in-house developed bots and rules to deliver customized solutions.

Domain specific

Domain Expertise

A trained team with deep domain knowledge of the industry and well versed with terminologies, property documents, regulatory norms etc.


Time Zone Benefits

Work overlaps seamlessly across time zones leading to reduced turnaround times and a 24/7 accessibility to clients.



You save on infrastructure, technology, equipment recruitment and training cost. Plus, you benefit from our competitive pricing models.

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