Data Entry Project for a Real Estate Listing Site

Accurate data entry enhanced business credibility

Project Overview

Business Needs

Real estate listing site required accurate property data covering all the US States, categorized as per different counties to offer real -time property information and correct estimates to provide superior customer experience.

The Challenges

  • Managing huge amount of data
  • Extracting relevant information from unstructured data
  • Allocating trained resource with analytical skills and eye for detail for the task
  • Maintaining high accuracy given the nature of data
  • Automation to improve accuracy and enhance speed

Solutions and Results

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  • A dedicated team of skilled data entry professionals was set up to extract relevant data from the source document, tag, validate and enter in the required format.
  • The process was automated with macros and defined rules for complete accuracy and speed.
  • Human operations to the extent possible was replaced with technology enabled solutions
  • Team was intensively trained to achieve highest levels of data accuracy, essential to ensure quality deliverables.
  • The entire workflow was planned so that it could be broken into different modules depending on the expertise of different teams and the nature of work.
  • A well-planned QC and audit process ensured accuracy of more than 99%.
  • The process followed:
    • Source file received from client in the TIFF and PDF format
    • Data extracted and segregated county wise through automation
    • Each of the county document classified and tagged
    • Macro ensured that only the valid images move to the assigned folder
    • Valid documents taken for data entry in the specified fields; fields categorized as critical and non-critical
    • Workflow further categorized into three sections to improve productivity and accuracy
    • Data entry divided in three sections:
      • Double D Entry – To maintain accuracy Double D entry done for critical fields. Two separate teams worked on this simultaneously and later the files merged and verified.
      • Gray Entry – Fields like buyer info and property data entered in Gray Entry.
      • Yellow Entry – Comprehension skill required to enter this filed and accordingly skilled team selected for this entry.
  • All the three fields merged using macro again.
  • A dedicated QC team ensured high levels of accuracy; QC done logically through automation, where errors are thrown up as alerts.
  • After QC the files go for audit before submission in client’s application.

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