Data Processing Services

We transform voluminous data extracted from multiple data sources into cohesive and intelligent information.

  • Low operating cost
  • Structure unstructured data and enhance its value
  • Automate & simplify operations
  • Data confidentiality assured
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Data Processing Services Outsourcing

We process voluminous and complex data, converting it into structured and usable information to help you make strategic business decisions. Our outsourcing data processing services are designed to provide you increased productivity and significant reduction in operating costs.

We extract, convert, cleanse, classify and integrate databases; as part of forms processing, order processing, Invoice processing, mailing list compilation. Automation tools and technologies ranging from simple macros and custom scripts helps us deliver within a short turn-around time with cost effectiveness.

Our customized deliverables meet your specific business and operational requirements of having data in spreadsheets, pdf formats, csv files or getting it uploaded directly to your CRM database.

Our robust data security framework with diverse control mechanisms gives clients the confidence that their data is well protected and secure.

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What our Customer Says

Considering how big the project is, Hitech BPO has shown the flexibility and made extra efforts to check, improve and ensure quality. We are very happy with the quality of work and the team exceeds all expectations. I think the job has been really outstanding.

Projects Team Leader Document Processing Company

Case Study

Discover our Data Processing Works

Data processing for effective pricing strategy for a courier company

Data processing of customised rate charts in RFP/RFQ template files equipped sales and marketing team to build effective pricing strategy.

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Data entry of nutritional information helped informed buying decision

Displaying accurate nutrition information improve customer experience and helped build business credibility, boost sales and enhance revenue.

View Case Study »

Patient record digitization drives data driven insights

Correctly capturing and analyzing patient experience data from survey forms enabled informed decisions to improve hospital services.

View Case Study »

Image-based data entry of 50,000 checks streamlined payment process

Accurate information entered from checks, though in software that was in foreign language, made the payment process streamlined and agile.

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form processing

Form Processing Services

We handle all kinds of form processing – structured or unstructured, written or printed with high accuracy. Our capability to handle voluminous data is cost-effective and helps enhance operation efficiency. We process variety of forms including:

  • Survey Forms
  • Feedback Forms
  • Enrollment Forms
  • Claims Forms
  • Applications
Invoice processing

Invoice Processing Services

Automation is the answer to processing lengthy invoices. We offer customized document digitization services with digitized tools for fast invoice processing. We process invoices accurately irrespective of the variance in design, format, and in the location of critical business information, such as:

  • Vendor Name and Address
  • Tax I.D. Numbers
  • Amounts Due
  • Invoice Numbers
  • And Dates
Order processing

Order Processing Services

Our order processing services help you meet the complex supply chain challenges; handle diverse types of orders and meet shrinking deadlines with minimum errors in delivery. Our dedicated and skilled team along with updated technology helps in smooth online retail transactions across the globe.

Our order processing services include:

  • Capturing order details
  • Order status
  • Tracking Orders
  • Order completion status
  • Customer database
  • Return and refunds
Catalogue processing

Catalog Processing Services

Constant updation of catalogues is a pre-requisite for the success of e-commerce sites. Our proactive approach to catalogue processing includes training our teams to understand different industries and domains for delivering outcomes that translate in higher conversions.

Our eCommerce Catalog Processing services include:

  • Product entry/updation
  • Product categorization and segregation
  • Data entry for cross selling/upselling
  • Indexing
  • Data Mining
  • Photo editing and retouching support
Data processing

Resume Processing Services

We convert huge volumes of resume into the format required and help recruiters and hiring managers stay organized and speed up the recruitment cycle. Our resume processing experts have the proficiency to understand the terminologies of various industries and are cross trained to handle formats from different regions. Our services include:

  • Formatting
  • Sorting as per skill set
  • Experience match
Resume processing

Document Processing Services

We provide document processing solutions to diverse industries and businesses customized as per their requirement. Our accurate and scalable document processing techniques are capable of processing all kinds of documents from simplest to the most complex including:

  • Invoices, Receipts and Bills
  • Bills of Lading and other Logistics Documents
  • Financial & Legal Documents
  • Rebates & Tax Statements
  • Property Documents and Appraiser Reports
  • Handwritten Notes
  • Healthcare Claim Forms
  • University Documents
Order processing

Data Conversion Services

We are well equipped with resources, technology and experience of digitization, to provide comprehensive data conversion services. We extract data from any format, transform in easily retrievable format or any format desired by you and load in an organized database for easy sharing. Our services include:

  • HTML Conversion
  • Document Conversion
  • PDF Conversion
  • eBook Conversion
  • XML Conversion

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Processing

Our deep domain expertise in all niche areas allows us to understand your business requirement and provide tailored data processing services. The fact that 90% of our revenues come from recurring businesses is testimony to our long-standing relationships with clients.

Optimized Cost

Optimized Cost

Pay for fixed deliverables and save costs on infrastructure, labor, operations etc.

Operational Scalability

Operational Scalability

Liberty to increase or decrease team size to keep pace with market dynamics and seasonal fluctuations.

Time Zone Advantage

Time Zone Advantage

Teams Working 24*7, 365 days across time zone ensures faster turnaround, and timely project completion.

Access to skilled Resource

Access to Skilled Resources

Easy access and opportunity to pick & choose data professionals from a pool of experienced resources.

Consult Related Solutions with Hitech BPO

Consulting to identify the best technology solutions involving strategy, design & delivery.

Frequently asked Questions


What is outsourcing in data processing service?

Data processing is vital to any business, whether small or big which requires hiring more staff, infrastructure load and your time and energy. Giving away this part of your work to a third party is called outsourcing. By outsourcing your data processing work to professionals in the field, you enhance efficiency at reduced costs.

What are the main benefits of outsourcing data processing to Hitech BPO?

Hitech BPO is built on the foundation of trust and meeting commitments is the top priority. Professionals have deep domain understanding which allows them to understand your business better and provide tailored solutions. It is one stop solution provider for all your data management solutions. Hitech BPO never compromises on security and quality; you get quality work and your data stays safe.

How does Hitech BPO ensure the security of data?

Hitech BPO protects sensitive information through a sound data security framework that includes diverse control mechanisms. Our robust data governance is drawn from best practices, including a “secure by design” method that includes gap analysis and impact assessments when planning updates to data management procedures.

Hitech BPO also has in place a strong risk mitigation policy that supports regular cyber risk assessments, frequent testing of incident control mechanisms, and measures to track and prevent data breach possibilities.

What is the data processing price structure?

Price of data processing depends on the type of data and degree of processing your data requires. Listed as one of the top data processing companies we offer bespoke price structure like ‘Per Project’, ‘Per Resource’ and ‘Per Hour’.

Do you offer free trial? How do I get started?

Yes, we do offer free trials. Contact us for a pilot project.

Outsource a small quantity of data processing work. Send your sample data through FTP or VPN. You can even email us the data file. Upon receipt of data, our data expert will get in touch with you to understand your requirements, answer your queries and give valued inputs.

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