Check Processing Solutions for Agile Payment System

Multi-level payment data processing enhances operational efficiency

Project Overview

Business Needs

In order to streamline the payment processing systems and make it more agile and accurate, the client was looking for a business partner with expertise in financial data processing who could digitally process a daily influx of thousands of checks. The processing included data entry and validation of key payment information.

The Challenges

  • Large and fluctuating volumes of checks needed same day processing
  • Skilled and trained domain specialists were required to complete the task
  • High accuracy needed given sensitivity of data

Solutions and Results

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  • Around 0.5 million scanned checks were received by Hitech BPO’s data processing specialists onto the client payment software. These checks had to be processed the same day as received.
  • While data was captured automatically from 80% of the checks, 20% needed manual entry of critical data due to illegible scan lines.
  • The data specialists repaired/normalized the scan lines by manually reading and entering the scan line data.
  • The stubs accompanying the checks, carrying critical data about amount of donation were also scanned and entered.
  • Stub entry and check entry were cross verified for validation.
  • Other information in the stub like change of address/email, or any other details related to donation etc. were also scanned and updated.

Business Impact

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