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Market intelligence solutions to build a competitive strategy, identify growth opportunities, understand the marketplace and customers, and maximize competitive advantage.

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Market intelligence capability for high performance

Our well-planned market intelligence solutions help you find new opportunities, discover possibilities, and transform your business. Insights drawn from product, industry, and competitive intelligence enable you to make profitable business decisions, gain a better understanding of the market, be more customer-centric, and gain a competitive edge.

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Market Research

Market Research

We assess market conditions to identify profitable strategies and capitalize on factors driving growth.

360° Client Profiling

360° Client Profiling

360° client profiling giving a complete customer view of behavior and preferences for personalized campaigns.

360° Client Profiling
Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Identify strengths and weaknesses vis-à-vis your competitors for better strategies with insights from competitor analysis.

Competitor Analysis
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Get valuable insights on your business for informed decisions, profitability, and staying competitive.

Business Intelligence

Market intelligence solutions where data is collected, processed and analyzed drawing in-depth insights and gaining marketplace and business growth

Our market intelligence services, equipped with skill and technology are the right platform for you to stay competitive. Inefficient data collection strategies and dirty data lead to inaccurate analytics resulting in revenue loss. In a world of a dynamic market, intelligence services can reinvent business performance delivering actionable insights from accurate data collected from various touchpoints.

Hitech BPO’s market intelligence services offer a holistic solution to companies looking for market intelligence for better brand positioning, product evaluation, and understanding of customers and competitors. Our data scientists, with the ability to navigate through the fast-paced dynamic market, can draw meaningful insights from the data collected using analytics.

Investing in market intelligence solutions is important to stay updated and strategize effectively. Hitech BPO is a global management, and outsourcing company with more than 750 professionals serving clients in 51 countries. Our comprehensive capabilities combined with unparallel experience in market analytics across all business functions and industries have helped clients navigate their market growth.

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Why partner with Hitech BPO?

Accurate data collection strategies

Expertise in marketing data research and accurate data collection driving correct market intelligence.

Experienced data scientists

Experienced across industries our data scientists draw intelligence with advanced data analytics and data visualization capabilities.

Gain competitive advantage

Improve your offerings and positioning and capture more target markets and penetrate deeper with our intelligence.

Customized solutions

Excellence in identifying key drivers for the company and then deliver key actionable insights for company growth.

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Market intelligence FAQs

What is market intelligence?

All the data that a company gathers about the market is market intelligence. The information collected could be information on customers, competitors, suppliers, products, market size, etc. The information is then analyzed to draw actionable insights. The information helps make informed decisions regarding competitor behaviors, products, consumer trends, and market opportunities.

What are the elements of market intelligence?

The 4 Components of Market Intelligence include:
  • Competitor Analysis – This includes information on competitors, their products, and their marketing strategies.
  • Product Evaluation – This involves gathering and analyzing information on product performance.
  • Market Analysis – This includes the dynamics and attractiveness of a specific market. It determines whether a product or service is viable or not.
  • Customer Understanding – Understanding customer preferences and mindset.

Why is market intelligence important?

With markets getting dynamic it is important to stay informed and take strategic decisions. Market intelligence benefits businesses in multiple ways. It helps you understand your customer and the market. You understand market demands better and make informed decisions gaining a competitive advantage.

What are market intelligence companies?

Market intelligence companies provide intelligence solutions to companies by gathering market data, processing and analyzing them drawing actionable insights. Equipped with technology and a skilled workforce the company draws a holistic view of the existing market conditions so that businesses can strategize better and make informed decisions.

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