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  • Efficient batch processing for catalogs
  • Lifelike color adjustments & corrections
  • Expert background removal
  • Precision clipping for clean outlines
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Reliable partner for eCommerce product photo editing and retouching requirements

Advanced ecommerce product photo editing services to bring uniformity and quality in inconsistent product images.

At Hitech BPO, we know that high-quality product photos hold the key to customer engagement and sales conversion. Our specialized e-commerce photo editing services include advanced image editing and retouching, such as background removal, color correction, shadow and reflection effects, and more to ensure that quality. Our expertise in batch editing ensure large volumes of images are processed efficiently, saving you valuable time and resources.

Our team leverages the latest tools and software for work ranging from clipping paths to ghost mannequin effects. optimizing color accuracy, file sizes, and overall aesthetics. We value quality, fast turnaround times, and detail. Our skilled photo editors guarantee that your images will stand out, engage customers, and ultimately drive conversions. Let us handle the complexities of photo editing, allowing you to focus on growing your business.


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Ecommerce Image Editing & Retouching Services, We Offer

Case Study

Discover our Product Image Editing Expertise

Image enhancement for eCommerce portal drives higher customer engagement

Enhanced images on the portal boosted product appeal and performance, leading to increased conversions and revenues, and an updated product catalog.

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70,000+ fashion accessory images edited in record 36 hours

Expertly edited fashion product images using advanced editing software enhanced visual impact of store, increase conversions and brand image.

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46,000 kids’ wear images edited within 12 hours

Optimal color saturation coupled with advanced image editing techniques enhanced brand image and user experience.

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324,000 images edited within tight deadlines for print retail catalogs

Exclusive catalogue created using edited images positively impacted sales across all 47 stores in the USA.

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Thousands of underwater images edited for a swimming school based in UK

Swim school wanted to share underwater images of their infants while they learnt swimming with parents; as strategic marketing initiative.

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Our E-Commerce Image Editing Process


Image Assessment

Begin by evaluating each image for quality, resolution, and specific editing needs.


Background Editing

Depending on the product, remove or modify the background.


Color and Exposure Correction

Adjust the color balance, saturation, brightness, and contrast to ensure the product appears as it would in natural light.


Detail Enhancement

Focus on the details of the product, such as texture and features, remove blemishes, dust, or scratches and sharpen the image.


Final Review and Formatting

Conduct a thorough review of the edited images for quality and consistency, including file size optimization and aspect ratio adjustments.


How You Benefit from Our E-commerce Photo Editing Solutions

Expertise in Product Image Enhancement

Expertise in Product Image Enhancement

Collaborate with specialists skilled in ecommerce image editing services, for refined product visuals for top e-commerce platforms.

Advanced Technology-Driven Editing

Advanced Technology-Driven Editing

Our cutting-edge, technology-based approach to ecommerce image retouching services ensures each product image is optimized for maximum online impact.

Cost-Effective Efficiency

Cost-Effective Efficiency

Experience efficient, budget-friendly editing across diverse categories, from apparel to electronics, ensuring high-quality visuals for your e-commerce catalog.

Real-Time Editing Updates

Real-Time Editing Updates

Stay informed on our process into the progress of our ecommerce image retouching services for your project.

Ecommerce Image Editing & Retouching FAQs


What are the products that you edit?

We edit a wide range of products, including apparel, electronics, home goods, and more, catering to diverse e-commerce needs.

What services do you provide for e-commerce product photo editing?

Our services encompass background removal, color correction, retouching, ghost mannequin effects, and batch editing for e-commerce products.

Do you edit bulk product photos?

Yes, we specialize in bulk photo editing, efficiently handling large volumes of product images while maintaining consistent quality.

How about the image quality?

We ensure the highest image quality, with a focus on detail, color accuracy, and visual appeal to enhance your product’s online presence.

How does background removal enhance product photos?

It focuses the customer’s attention solely on the product, eliminating distractions.

What is the turnaround time for batch editing?

It varies based on volume, but we prioritize efficient and timely delivery.

Why is the ghost mannequin technique beneficial?

It offers a realistic and attractive presentation of apparel without the distraction of a mannequin.

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