Image Editing for Swimming Institute

Thousands of underwater infant images, edited in record time add value to client business

Project Overview

Business Needs

As part of a strategic marketing initiative, the client shared with his customers underwater images of their infants while they learnt swimming. To meet this objective, client needed to sort, select and edit thousands of HDR quality images in a short turnaround time.

The Challenges

  • Editing thousands of images in a very short turnaround time
  • Maintain consistency of editing and retouching across all images
  • Make images look attractive with minimal retouching and keeping close to original
  • Accommodate fluctuating image editing volumes and maintain resources accordingly

Solutions and Results

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Over detailed discussions with client, requirement of color correction, noise reduction, retouching etc. were understood and documented. A dedicated team of image editing and retouching experts was setup. A robust post-production workflow was put in place to ensure not just an agile 5 day-image editing and retouching cycle, but also strict confidentiality of images of infants. Specific initiatives which ensured project streamlining and success included:

  • Image editing specialists assigned to the project were trained, skilled and experienced in post processing high quality underwater images
  • Leveraging of time zone difference for faster project delivery
  • Use of latest updated versions of editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Lightroom
  • Use of tools like Adobe Bridge to improve overall quality of editing and retouching
  • Creation of a MACRO to automate the process of emailing the edited images directly to end clients

Business Impact

Reduction in turnaround time from 14 to 5 days Reduction in turnaround time from 14 to 5 days
Significant reduction in image processing costs Significant reduction in image processing costs
Elevated brand image; high recall value Elevated brand image; high recall value
Increased customer (parent) satisfaction Increased customer (parent) satisfaction

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