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Use the power of data-driven analytical insights to fuel business growth

  • Improve customer experience, acquisition and retention
  • Streamline operations and reduce business risks
  • Conduct focused and personalized marketing campaigns
  • Back customer-focused product development
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Transform data insights into distinctive competitive advantage

Leverage advanced AI tools and rules to run purposeful analytics to steer your business to focused and data-driven decision making.

At Hitech BPO, we passionately build end-to-end data analytics solutions across functions including product, sales, operations, marketing and supply chain. From data collection and cleansing to data modelling and visualization, we help you find untapped opportunities, plan better and faster, and act on trustable insights.

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Effective data analytics service offerings for every business function

Understand your customers, markets and processes deep enough to transform your business through data-driven insights

4 stages of data analytics to expediate ‘data-to-value’ cycle

Data Collection

Data Collection

Tap into the potentials of data based decision making. Get significant value out of analytics investments.

Data Collection
Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing

Regular data cleansing to avoid lost revenue, better understanding of your customers.

Data Cleansing
Data Modeling

Data Modeling

Cleansing, classification, structuring, validation and integration of enterprise data generated.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Discover hidden patterns, trends and insights from voluminous data quickly and efficiently. Visualize the data using engaging dashboards and reports.

Data Visualization

Data Analytics Benefits: Delivering Speed, Accuracy and Scale

Personalize customer experience

Personalize customer experience

Build customer profiles enriched with behavioral insights. Use behavioral analytics to offer product recommendations based on predictive models.

Make informed business decisions

Make informed business decisions

Streamline operations with predictive and prescriptive analytics by knowing what can happen and what to do with greater certainty.

Reduce risks

Reduce risks and issues

From risks of theft to employee safety or legal liability, use statistical models to understand risks and set measures to prevent them.

Analyse at scale

Analyse at scale

Use AI and ML for data analysis to match your changing requirements. We build algorithms integrated with industry standard tools.

Having successfully delivered 3,100+ projects, our solutions are based on customer behavior, preferences and needs, for products and services.

Our data analytics solutions, both prescriptive and predictive, not only work for top management, but also work as tools for data-driven decisions and actions for the front-line staff and business partners across and outside the organization.

We put in place your data and operational processes, while our decision analysts derive exploratory and self-learning data models for visualizations; ultimately empowering you and your business with faster insights.

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