eCommerce Catalog Management

High performing eCommerce catalog management for omni-channel selling:
  • Consistent and updated product data
  • Adapts to shifting consumer behaviour
  • Increases conversions
  • Seamless unified experience
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Powerful suite of eCommerce catalog management solutions to drive high conversions

Conversions, user experience and revenues of eCommerce businesses lean heavily on well updated SKUs across multiple sales channels. Online stores need to deal with different listing requirements, manage complex product structures, maintain accurate data quality and ensure enhanced and highly captivating images at all times.

Our end-to-end customised catalog management solutions range from basic services like product data entry, cleansing and standardization to advanced solutions like competitive price analysis, graphic support, systematic indexing and intelligent categorization. We work through multiple sales channels to process huge volumes of unstructured and structured data across product lines.

Through accurate and updated product data, enhanced images, user friendly product categorization and high-quality product descriptions we provide a heightened information experience to your customers. Our omni channel catalog management solutions drive higher conversions giving your business a competitive edge.

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The Hitech BPO team is very communicative, supportive and skilled at image processing. We always count on them as they always return images on time even if there is a large batch to be post-processed within the deadline. We are very appreciative of Hitech BPO’s support and truly enjoy working closely with the Hitech team.

Client Operations Manager Outfitting & Styling Technology Partner

Case Study

Discover our Catalog Management Works

Accurate catalog management for powersports superstore improves sales

Data collection and entry for catalog management improved conversions, enhanced brand recall value and customer experience of powersports superstore.

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324,000 images edited within tight deadlines for print retail catalogs

Exclusive catalogue created using edited images positively impacted sales across all 47 stores in the USA.

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Our Core Services

Catalog Data Entry and Conversion

We capture and convert data from any source/format be it brochures, PDF catalogs or websites and enter in specified formats. Convert paper-based product catalog to electronic medium making it user friendly.

  • Capture product data
  • Index product information
  • Digitalize catalog data

Catalog Updating & Maintenance

From a simple service like adding new products to complex ones like updating dynamic prices, promotional offers or availability status, we ensure your catalog remains updated and the information accurate to the last detail.

  • Real time information update
  • Format and authenticity check
  • Integrate and synchronize data

Catalog Product Image Editing

Enrich, retouch and edit large volumes of product images to add visual appeal to your product catalogs. We optimize and convert images into different formats to meet sales platform requirements.

  • Color correction/lighting adjustment
  • Background removal/shadow manipulation
  • Batch processing

Catalog Data Cleansing and Enrichment

Improve data quality by deduplication, removal of outdated, unclean, inaccurate, inconsistent and corrupt data from all locations and formats. Further data is enriched by standardising, normalising and categorising the data for effective search and better conversions.

  • Clean incorrect product data
  • Enrich inaccurate product data
  • Deleted product re-directions

What You Get with Our eCommerce Catalog management

Statistical approaches

Accurate and updated data

Dynamic product data remains accurate and updated 24/7 building brand trust and optimizing overall shopping experience.

Domain specific

Consistent and standardised data

Product listings remain consistent across multiple sales channels with product tags and units standardised.


High visual appeal

Products represented by high quality edited visuals attracting shopper’s attention and keeping them engaged; product access easy on any channel.


Well categorized data

Systematic tagged and categorized product data offers the option to refine, filter and sort search for easy browsing and navigation.

How to Get Accurate Product Data Entry for your Ecommerce Catalogs
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