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Expert furniture image editing to boost sales with stunning visuals

  • Tailored image editing services
  • Detailed furniture image retouching
  • Aesthetic and texture enhancements
  • Rapid turnaround for bulk edits
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Stop letting poor visuals hinder your furniture sales. Our image editing expertise makes you tap into your furniture’s full branding potential.

With the online furniture market becoming increasingly competitive, the need for high-quality furniture photos has never been more critical. At HitechBPO, we specialize in transforming your furniture images into stunning visuals that highlight your products’ best features. Our team of skilled editors offer advanced furniture photo editing services, including background removal for furniture photos, detail retouching, color correction, and adding shadows and reflections, to ensure your furniture stands out in online listings, marketing materials and home décor photography.

Our expertise doesn’t stop there. We also offer 360-degree views, providing a comprehensive online viewing experience that can significantly enhance customer engagement and trust. By outsourcing furniture photo editing to us, you’re leveraging our streamlined processes for enhanced visuals that boost your brand’s reputation. We handle high-volume projects with agility and precision, delivering results that consistently exceed client expectations.


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Furniture Photo Editing Services, We Offer

We cater to retailers, manufacturers, and photographers with a spectrum of editing services that ensure your furniture images are catalog-ready:

Our Furniture Image Editing Process


Initial Consultation

Aligning with your brand’s vision to define the editing scope.


Precision Editing

Employing a blend of technical skill and creative flair to edit your furniture photos.


Quality Check

Rigorous review stages to ensure each image meets our high standards.



Adapting to feedback for the perfect final product.



Quick and secure delivery of your polished images.


How you Benefit from our Furniture Photo Editing Services?

Tailored Editing Strategies

Tailored Editing Strategies

Customized edits that resonate with your brand and customer expectations.

Skilled Editing Professionals

Skilled Editing Professionals

A dedicated team bringing decades of combined experience to your project.

Assured Quality and Satisfaction

Assured Quality and Satisfaction

Our commitment to excellence guarantees standout furniture imagery.

Confidential and Secure

Confidential and Secure

Full assurance of privacy and security for your images.

Furniture Photo Editing FAQs

What types of edits do you offer for furniture photos?

Our furniture photo editing services include background removal for a clean presentation, detail retouching to highlight texture/ material, color correction for true-to-life hues, shadow and reflection for depth, and 360-degree views for an immersive experience.

How much does furniture photo editing cost?

The cost of furniture photo editing services depends on the complexity of the edits required, the volume of images, and the specific services requested. We provide customized pricing to fit your project’s unique needs.

What is your turnaround time for furniture photo editing projects?

Our turnaround time for furniture photo editing projects depends on the project’s scope and the volume of images. Hitech BPO is committed to delivering high-quality results within a timeframe that meets your deadlines.

Can you remove unwanted objects or backgrounds from furniture photos?

Yes, our furniture photo editing services include the removal of unwanted objects or backgrounds. We ensure that the focus remains solely on the furniture’s visual appeal, design, and craftsmanship in a distraction-free environment.

Do you create 360-degree product images for furniture?

Yes, Hitech BPO develops 360-degree product images for furniture, providing potential customers with an immersive viewing experience. This service allows viewers to explore furniture pieces from every angle, significantly improving the online shopping experience.

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