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We enrich client profile with analytical data describing personal behavior patterns, for which we use, existing client information and also collect it from open sources by ourselves.

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We synchronize information from primary research studies, internal & secondary data, industry experts, social media intelligence and various other sources for 360 clients profiling.

Customer profiling and segmentation solutions at Hitech, gives your company that competitive edge by segmenting customers or B2B companies across parameters like demographics including age, gender, income, etc. A step further and we also deliver psychographics such as personality type, preferences, etc. and behavioral reading such as similar likes and dislikes, sports, hobbies, etc.

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360° view of client’s goals, needs & wealth

These are further clubbed with valuable industry information, and business intelligence, in and around, vital information on customers, existing and potential. The information is also about suppliers which helps in streamlining the operations and of course the competitors; to strategies and stay ahead of them. Our data and analytics experts do due diligence of company structure, important news, finance, and business articles etc., before delivering the latest information on pivotal events in the industry which affect your business.

Our data analysts calculate the potential market share that any company could capture, and further outline strategies for eventual product research and development, and of course the budgets involved for funding go-to-market strategies.

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Client Profiling

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