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Outsource car photo editing services to make your automobile listing stand out in the market

Professional image editing to enhances the quality and appeal of photographs of cars, vehicles, or automobile collections.

At Hitech BPO we understand the challenges of automotive photography – from unwanted reflections to less-than-ideal backgrounds. Our professional car photo editing team employs advanced techniques like background replacement, scratch and blemish removal, and color correction to ensure your vehicles look compelling and ready for sale. Our automotive photo retouching services set the standard for quality and precision.

When you choose us for your automotive photo editing services, you can be sure of high-quality enhancements like shadow and reflection addition, headlight and taillight enhancements, and car interior improvements. We use efficient photo editing processes, ensuring timely delivery of your images without compromising quality. Partnering with us gives you access to a team that can realistically enhance your automotive visuals, streamline your workflow with batch editing capabilities, and enhance your presence in the automotive market.


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Automotive Photo Editing Services, We Offer

Our Automotive Photo Editing Process


Assess Photos, Plan Enhancements

Identify areas needing improvement.


Raw Adjustments

Correct exposure, color, and contrast.


Detailed Retouching

Remove imperfections, enhance features.


Background Customization

Replace or refine background and effects.


Final Review

Ensure quality, refine composition.


How You Benefit from Our Automotive Photo Editing Services

Professional results

Professional results

Deliver high-precision edits with advanced software, ensuring top-quality image standards.

Time and resource savings

Time and resource savings

Focus on sales while our experts handle your photo editing needs.

Efficient high-volume handling

Efficient high-volume handling

Ensure consistent quality across large-scale projects, meeting tight deadlines efficiently.

Custom solutions

Custom solutions

Tackle complex edits with innovative techniques and custom processes, solving complex vehicle photo editing challenges effectively.

Automotive Photo Editing FAQs

What types of edits do you offer for car photos?

We offer a comprehensive range of edits, including background replacement, shadow/reflection addition, scratch and blemish removal, headlight and taillight enhancements, wheel and tire shine improvements, and interior cleaning and enhancements. Our goal is to highlight the vehicle’s best features, ensuring it looks its best in every image.

How much does automotive photo editing cost?

Pricing for automotive photo editing varies based on the complexity of the project and the volume of images. We offer competitive rates and can provide a customized quote after assessing your specific needs. Our aim is to deliver high-quality editing solutions that fit within your budget.

What is your turnaround time for car photo editing projects?

Our standard turnaround time is 24-48 hours for most car photo editing projects. Larger volumes or more complex edits may require additional time. We prioritize efficiency and quality, ensuring your edited photos are delivered promptly without compromising on the detail or quality of the edits.

Can you remove unwanted objects or backgrounds from car photos?

Yes, we specialize in removing unwanted objects or backgrounds from car photos. Whether it’s distracting elements in the background or an undesired reflection, our editing techniques ensure your car is the focal point of the image, presented in the best possible environment.

Do you offer batch editing for large volumes of car photos?

We offer batch editing services for large volumes of car photos, ensuring consistency and quality across all images. This service is ideal for dealerships or automotive businesses with extensive inventories, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for enhancing your entire photo collection.

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