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Get 360° data-driven view of all the aspects of your business

  • Bring intelligence into your existing infrastructure
  • Automatically extract insights from multi-source data
  • Get easy-to-comprehend reports across functions
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Unleash the real power of business intelligence with attractive and insightful reports

Companies lose much time in preparing reports, if source data lies scattered, unstructured and in silos. And the lack of real-time data visibility leads to faulty insights and wrong decisions.

Comprehensive BI and reporting help decision-making driven by structured data. For this, our BI experts will build custom interactive dashboards to visualize and track your KPIs with drill-down charts, forecast reports, campaign analytics, demographics, sales and other data.

We collect, cleanse, ready and model all data after stringent integrity checks, supporting data lineage and security measures. We strictly follow security practices and role-based access to reports and create reporting solutions that promote data aggregation from multiple sources. With us on board, you can fully unlock the potential of your data and guide your business to success.

Major business intelligence solution components

  • ETL/ELT Processes
  • Data lakes
  • Data warehouses
  • OLAP cubes
  • Data reporting and visualization
  • Data quality management
  • Data security
  • Data analysis

Strategic BI and Reporting Stages

Set up Data Approach

Set Objectives and KPIs

Define the actual problem, identify data sources, workflow, data types and access rights. Analyze historical datasets to find pain-points and opportunities, study market conditions and set KPIs.

Gather Data

Data Gathering

Identify and integrate diverse and unstructured data sources with cloud and on-premise databases, BI platforms etc. Configure initial data requirements and prepare structured data for analysis.

Build Data Management Infrastructure

Data Management Infrastructure

Develop a BI strategy based on various components like data sources, industry, company size, competition and business model. Track custom KPIs and set up reporting flow and set up user-based access rights.

Implement End-user Interface

Data Analysis and Reporting

Produce interactive dashboards with digestible information. Get deeper insights instead of daily or weekly reports. Find answers to specific questions with real-time and ad-hoc analysis and reporting.

Powerful and Insights-rich BI and Reporting Services

BI consulting and implementation

  • Analyze existing data sources, practices and management infrastructure
  • Optimize architecture design, tech selection, data governance and cloud migration
  • Build a seamless user adoption strategy

BI support services

  • Set up development support, troubleshooting, add new sources, users or reports, etc.
  • Update software, manage permissions, etc.
  • Enable smooth onboarding for your teams
  • Ensure low incident occurrence and reduced total cost of ownership

Types of BI and Reports We Deliver

  • Enterprise Intelligence

    Conduct organization-wide data consolidation, storage, performance analysis and monitoring and strategic planning.

  • Operational Intelligence

    Recognize bottlenecks across operations, get performance prediction and efficiency forecasting insights.

  • Customer Intelligence

    Create end-to-end customer insights by analyzing feedback across channels. Get behavioral insights for marketing, cross-selling, etc.

  • Brand and product intelligence

    Build brand differentiation through price and performance analysis and competitor benchmarking.

  • Supply chain intelligence

    Get end-to-end supply chain visibility, demand drivers, planning and forecasting. Mitigate supply chain risks.

  • Transportation and logistics

    Leverage insights on operational capacity, static and dynamic route planning and fuel consumption estimation.

  • Production intelligence

    Monitor and analyze production processes, overall equipment effectiveness and predict timely equipment maintenance.

  • Enterprise asset intelligence

    Enable just-in-time maintenance, enhance asset utilization, and prevent losses through asset usage analytics.


Benefits of Embracing Business Intelligence

Get real-time reports

Get real-time reports

Customized reports to monitor KPIs for multi-data sources with easy-to-use visualizations such as graphs, tables and charts to access information faster.

Enhance competitive edge

Enhance competitive edge

Analyze large amount of data for insights on your budgeting, planning and forecasting activities. Track competitor’s sales and marketing performance for a differentiation.

Streamline data quality

Streamline data quality

Don’t let any data decay. Continuously aggregate, collect, clean, update and maintain quality in your database to not let discrepancies and inaccuracies creep in.

Increase operational efficiency

Increase operational efficiency

Track employee productivity, operations, and revenue with accurate reports. Discover organizational strengths and weakness and stay on the top of KPIs that matter the most.

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