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End-to-end, integrated data collection services using custom tools and techniques to impact business outcomes.

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Intelligent Data Collection Services

Our agile data collection services are ably supported by data specialists with functional and domain expertise. Data collection professionals work across time zones to extract data from websites – structured or unstructured text, online or offline, video, audio, and documents in any format or size.

As one of the leading data collection companies, we harness automated tools and technology – in-house, open source and licensed – to accelerate automated data collection and drive accuracy. We apply a metric-driven approach to drive continuous process improvement to deliver brilliant experiences and outcomes.

Outsource data collection to leverage the optimal blend of tools, macros, bots and human intelligence to capture data across source types. Our tailored data deliverables are shared in the client requested format which range from spreadsheets and pdf files to custom databases and auto update in CRM.

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What our Customer Says

Your team has been consistently striving to understand my project needs and deliver quality and timely results. The financial data area is difficult due to inconsistent corporate approaches and disclosures. Hitech BPO is reaching a level of performance that will sustain quality and efficiency.

Professor & Independent Consultant A Recognized University

Case Study

Discover our Data Collection Works

Legal data collection to create attorney data repository

Collecting information of 309,000 attorney profiles registered with the California Bar Council to create accurate and comprehensive data repository.

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Data collection to efficiently develop existing talent resource pool

Profile search, capture and compilation into structured formats helps client target relevant candidates across geographies for business growth.

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Data extraction of album labels and sound tracks helped protect copyright

Consolidated data capture, parsing and validation techniques applied across online music albums helps client track copyright infringement.

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Customer database updation for IT service company increases revenue

Ongoing and voluminous update of customer data into CRM database with high accuracy improves customer engagement and builds stronger revenues.

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Price scraping to build winning pricing strategy for furniture retailer

Intelligent price scraping paves way for effective and competitive pricing strategy to enhance business revenues.

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Customer data collected increased circulation of real estate publication

Accurate capture of customer data to assess current subscription base and identify potential customers leading to targeted marketing and increased circulation.

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Data Collection Service Offerings

Data Collection Sources

Gathering quantitative and qualitative information to glean actionable insights

Web Data Collection

We leverage web research, crawlers and custom tools to effectively scrape complex and unstructured web sites, extract data from social media, scrape images from websites and deliver in the format defined.

Image Data Collection

We convert visual information from image or video into digital signal which can be stored, edited and displayed. We command the capability to handle diverse and large paper sizes and convert them into digital images.

Audio Data Collection

We gather multilingual audio data from disparate sources and deliver it according to your requirements of language, demographics, audio format etc. helping you to enhance voice-enabled software applications.

Text Data Collection

We collect data of text or text-like data from disparate data sources for all forms of machine learning and deep learning applications, software, and technology helping them to understand human language in text form.


Why Choose Hitech BPO?

Statistical approaches

Technology Driven

Well equipped with advanced tools and technology. Capable of creating in-house developed bots and rules to deliver customized solutions.

Domain specific

Domain Expertise

A trained team with deep domain knowledge of the industry and well versed with terminologies, property documents, regulatory norms etc.


Time Zone Benefits

Work overlaps seamlessly across time zones leading to reduced turnaround times and a 24/7 accessibility to clients.



You save on infrastructure, technology, equipment recruitment and training cost. Plus, you benefit from our competitive pricing models.

Frequently asked Questions


What is web scraping & web research and how does it work?

Web scraping refers to the process of extracting data from web sources and structuring it into a more convenient format. You can extract the entire page or the portion required and finally download in the format required. Web research refers to the research done manually.

Why web scraping / data collection is important?

Web scraping helps in extracting large amount of data quickly and efficiently. It also helps in saving the extracted data in the format of your choice which can be later retrieved and analysed. Web scraping is important as it simplifies and automates the process of extracting/collecting data and saves you from the tedious task of manually doing it. It is easy to implement, cost-effective giving accurate results.

What are the special measures Hitech BPO follows to ensure quality and accuracy?

Hitech BPO uses experienced resources and cutting-edge tools to ensure the accuracy of final output data. A dedicated QC team is deployed for all the projects whose primary objective is to ensure 99.5% Quality Output. Final dispatch is always done by a QC person OR a designated person. For making sure that all the project processes including quality check are working properly, an additional and separate audit process is also conducted every 15 days.

What security measures do you have in place for data security?

We at Hitech BPO value data security and privacy. Our strict data security policies keep your sensitive data always protected from any threats. With high-end software and systems in place, we have dedicated IT team available 24*7 to tackle any data attack any time.

What types of data you can collect from different sources?

We capture data related to marketing, customer, competitor, finance etc. from various sources.
Outsource Data Collection for Killer Data-Driven Marketing
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