Data Collection for Video Communication Company to Enrich CRM Database

2500+ customer profiles enriched every day for the video communication company.

Project Overview

Business Needs

The company aimed to leverage its existing customer base of 700,000 businesses for upselling and cross selling their solutions. To effectively market, sell, and offer suitable products to their customers, the client wanted to conduct customer data collection, and data collection from social media for CRM database enrichment through categorization, refinement, and enhancement of inaccurate or incomplete customer profiles.

Challenges of Data Research and Collection

  • Efficiently overseeing infrastructure and resources to cleanse and enhance 100,000+ records on a monthly basis.
  • Cleanse and enrich 14 fields for each record on an ongoing basis.
  • Gathering information from online sources to rectify incomplete and inaccurate customer data.
  • Integrating unstructured and structured data points from disparate sources to complete customer profiles.
  • Ensuring the precision and reliability of collected data through meticulous web research.

Solutions and Results

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The ongoing project of data collection for video communication company was backed with data cleansing and enrichment workflow. It leveraged clustering algorithms and APIs for web research and collecting customer information from company websites, social media sites, business directories, etc.

The robust process ensures validation and verification of customer data against existing company and individual profiles. This is followed by sourcing missing demographics, financial, and geographical information from reliable online platforms selected basis predefined quality and customer profiling criteria.

  • Email/FTP/folders were used to receive a list of new entrants in the customer database or existing members whose profiles required cleansing and enrichment.
  • Agile workflow automatically creates data extraction patterns to expedite the cleansing and enrichment process.
  • Macros validate and verify the extracted and enriched data, thus improving the quality of customer profiles in the mailing list.
  • A multi-level quality control process ensures that customer profile data, before being sent to the client, is prioritized according to the target group and relevant to the marketing campaign.
  • Reports and dashboards, generated through machine learning-backed algorithms, provide additional/enriched information.
  • After cleansing, validation, and enrichment, the profile data files are uploaded to the FTP servers.

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