Data Collection for Video Communications Company

Ongoing and fast-paced data updation enriches CRM database

Project Overview

Business Needs

Client required accurate update of existing customers and addition of new customers in its CRM database through intelligent data capture activities. A strong customer database would strengthen its marketing efforts to increase business revenues.

The Challenges

  • High volumes of profiles to be updated on ongoing basis
  • Sourcing information to fill in missing data from multiple online sources
  • Ensuring accuracy of data collected
  • Managing resources and infrastructure for voluminous and complex operations
  • Integrating data from multiple unstructured and structured sources

Solutions and Results

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Implemented a robust process wherein our team constantly updated the database with researched information on various aspects of organizational and individual profiles from across geographies. Data was collected for 14 fields including LinkedIn url, legal name of the company, company size, company website, number of employees, industry, overview of the company, headquarter address/country etc. The team captured the information from multiple sources including company websites, social media sites, business directories etc.

  • A team of 20 skilled members was set up to meet the huge volumes in timely manner; resources distributed across shifts to ensure 24*7 operations
  • Skilled resources with high analytical and comprehension skills were hired and trained.
  • The list of company/individual profiles to be updated is either of new entrants in the CRM database or existing members whose profile needs updation.
  • Web research deployed for capturing data either through manual methods or by using custom tools/scripts/macros.
  • Data gathered entered into the excel sheet to be updated into the client CRM database.
  • Quality check by dedicated QC team for validating and verifying the data against predefined checklists to maintain an accuracy level of 99.9%
  • Sample 500 records successfully submitted within a quick turnaround time
  • Volumes handled: 1,20,000 records updated in initial two months; ongoing 75k records per month

Business Impact

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