Competitor Analysis

Our competitor analysis though is more about important existing competitors; we also include potential competitors that might enter the industry; by scrapping their present strategy & vertically integrating it.

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Sustainable competitive advantage

Our competitor analysis services help companies identify their competitors, evaluate their strategies, determine their strengths & weaknesses; in accordance to their own product or services.

Our competitive intelligence solutions backed with analytics have the potential to be a critical part of your company’s marketing plan. Data analysts at Hitech evaluate what makes your product or service unique and, what attributes you should play up so as to attract your target market.

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Better prediction of competitor’s reactions to competitive moves

For competitor benchmarking, we evaluate your competitors by placing them in strategic groups. We take into account, facts like how directly they compete for a share of your customer’s money.

For every competitor or a particular strategic group, we list down their products and services, their profitability, growth patterns, marketing objectives and assumptions, strategies – current and past, structures – organization and cost, their strengths and weaknesses, their size in sales etc.

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Competitor Analysis

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