Competitor Analysis

Gain insights on your competitors to stay competitive and implement stronger business strategies. We analyze existing and potential competitors’ marketing strategies, to draw meaningful insights that help you take a profitable approach.

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Build up your market position with accurate competitor analysis

Our comprehensive competitor analysis services provide holistic solutions to your market intelligence requirements. We help companies identify their competitors, create a unified database, evaluate their strategies, and determine their strengths & weaknesses in accordance to their own product or services.

Our solutions help you evaluate what makes your product or service unique and, what attributes you should play up so as to attract your target market. We deliver competitive intelligence solutions backed with analytics that have the potential to be a critical part of your company’s marketing plan.

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Strengthen your market position by predicting competitor’s actions and reactions

Competitor analysis a labor and time-intensive process that needs expertise and domain expertise. If not done effectively it results in wrong decisions, revenue loss, and missed opportunities. Identifying competitors, staying updated on industry trends, monitoring blog posts of competitors, monitoring Google search rank and other such practices need to be done in near real time to conduct effective competitor intelligence.

We, at Hitech BPO, understand your business goals to deliver customized competitive intelligence solutions. Our data analysts gather information on products, services, pricing, reputation, and marketing tactics of your competitors, clean the data, and glean actionable insights using advanced data analytic tools and techniques.

We help you identify your business strengths and weaknesses, understand your market, and spot industry trends and patterns. Our ability to track competition in real-time using sophisticated tools helps you stay ahead of the competition and grow profitably.

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Competitor Analysis

Services we offer

We offer a wide range of services that helps you understand your competitors, and their strategies and position your brand at a higher level

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

We identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats giving a clear picture of your market standing.

Competitor data collection

Competitor data collection

We identify your current and potential competitors and create a competitor matrix for easy comparison and spot larger trends.

Competitor data cleansing

Competitor data cleansing

We ensure data quality by validating, verifying, standardizing, and enriching the competitor data collected.

Competitor intelligence

Competitor intelligence

We use advanced analytical tools to provide insights on your competitors for you to strategize better and position your brand effectively.

Benefits of using our competitive intelligence services

Identify and capitalize on your USP

Our services help you understand your strengths and what makes your product/service different from your competitors, enabling you to focus more on such points.

Understand your competitors’ strategies

We help you gather information on the strong strategies of your competitors. The critical information helps you stay relevant and outperform your competitors.

Know where your competitors are lacking

Information on the weak points of your competitors helps you identify areas of opportunities in the marketplace. You can take advantage and use strategies that have not been used.

Get access to customer reviews

Learn the features missing in your competitors’ products and consider adding such features to your products.

Establish brand benchmark

Build a point of reference for measuring growth.

Discover potential threats

Listing challenges that your competitors are facing helps anticipate potential market threats and campaigns that can be rebutted.


Why Outsource Competitor Analysis Services to Hitech BPO?

Access to qualified data analysts

Access to qualified data analysts

Skilled and capable competitor analysts with huge experience across various industries.

Customized solutions

Customized solutions

After a deep understanding of your business requirements we gather specific data and provide tailor-made solutions.

High data accuracy

High data accuracy

We used advanced technology and automated data cleansing tools ensuring high data quality leading to accurate analysis.

Flexible and scalable

Flexible and scalable

Based on your project requirement we can scale up or reduce the resources keeping pricing also flexible.

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