Sentiment Analysis

Interactions between brands and audiences have increased immensely on varied social networks. How should companies listen, analyze, and engage with customers to know what exactly their emotional footprint is?
Sentiment Analysis

Extract, identify and characterize sentiments

We, at Hitech BPO, combine natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to perform sentiment analysis and extract meaning from product and service review in form of text, speech, emoji, images, visuals etc. Our analysts dive into opinions across customer’s journey to glean insights from feedback expressed as tweets, Facebook posts, comments in blogs or forums, and emails around brands, markets, employers many more.

Our sentiment analysis solutions tell you what customers say about your company, products and services; right from flame detection (bad rant) to new product or brand perception, and your brand image. Our solutions empower companies and enterprises to better understand customers and deliver products and services that best fit their needs.

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Sentiment Analysis Services

Opinion Mining

Assess the opinion of a writer in a piece of text and its polarity; whether it’s positive, negative or neutral.

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Text Mining

Understand the riches buried in the myriad of text and documents to make better business decisions.

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Social Sentiment

Better understand common conversations & the most representative topics associated with your brand.

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Social Listening

Track, analyze, and respond to consumer conversations about your brand, product and services.

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Benefits with us

Predictive insights

Extract, identify and characterize sentiments to set customer’s mood right, and enhance your brand value.


Experience of working with global leaders gives us the expertise to identify information relevant to your company.

Smarter workforce

Classify polarity of a given text at the document, sentence, or feature/aspect level to analyze sentiments.

Consistent accuracy

Algorithm-based sentiment analysis handles huge volumes of customer feedback consistently and accurately.
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