Sentiment and Intent Analysis

Craft a superior customer journey with emotion using AI-based sentiment analysis

  • Understand true voice of customer
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Gauge your brand’s social standing
  • Analyze your workforce sentiment
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Boost your business performance with actionable insights hidden in unstructured data

Sentiment and intent analysis provide the key to understanding your customers and helping your business become truly customer-centric.

At Hitech BPO, we go above and beyond analyzing customer communications, social media platforms and online mentions to provide deeper insights into your business and marketing strategies. For our sentiment analysis services, we use a combination of automated and deep learning techniques to interpret workforce sentiment, understand the competition and tag the intent behind the latest trends.

Hitech BPO’s AI experts leverage NLP and machine learning to deliver detailed sentiment monitoring and intent analysis reports that bolster informed decisions, help build brand reputation, boost revenue, and reinvent marketing strategies.

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Find out actual opinion of your customers with brand sentiment tracking »

Detect Right Intent with our Sentiment Analysis Service Offerings

Text Analytics (Text Mining)

Text Mining

Segment, identify and analyze the positive and negative sentiments hidden in reviews, online mentions, comments, etc. Identify relevant emotions pervading in text through keywords.

Opinion Mining

Opinion Mining

Use AI tools to detect actual brand perception among your target audience. Analyze every brand mention and report sentiment in positive, negative and neutral ratings.

Social Listening

Social Listening

Our NLP-powered tools thoroughly track and scan social media communications, reviews, posts and comments to provide brand related insights in real-time. Address negative sentiment quickly.

Trend Analyzer

Trend Analyzer

Get actionable insights on competition and market trends. Track social sentiment, news, revenue and marketing to understand and help you tailor your brand messaging.


How can our sentiment analysis services help your business

Monitor brand reputation

Monitor brand reputation

Drill down into the actualities and detect clues to revamp your brand reputation. Lend an active ear to the online chatter about your company.

Improved customer experience

Improved CX

Pinpoint your audience demographics, analyze customer reviews, and identify market trends to better your products and services.

Innovative business strategies

Personalize strategies

Highly personalized marketing tactics and creative business solutions become possible with greater knowledge about your customers.

Reduced customer churn

Reduced customer churn

Getting real-time customer reviews and opinions helps in higher customer retention. Speedy issue resolutions result in reduced dissatisfaction rates.

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