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Companies are a witness to increasing interactions between brands and audiences on varied social networks. We interpret and act on the wealth of consumer generated unstructured content across the digital ecosystem.

Extract, identify and characterize sentiments

We specialize in advanced data analytics and successfully stream, interpret, and bring together opinions, moods, and feelings across the web.

Sentiment analysis services and opinion mining solutions at Hi-Tech, empower companies and enterprises with flame detection (bad rant), new product perception, brand perception, reputation management etc. We identify and tell you what they say about your company, products and services; what exactly your emotional footprint is.

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Sentiment Analysis Services
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Representing numerical scores and magnitude values

With help of Natural Language Processing (NLP), we make sense of juicy customer reviews, emotional comments on social media or troublesome tweets. For audience segmentation, we group customers or social audiences in meaningful clusters based on their perceptions about a brand or a service and present them in form of interactive data models and visuals.

We transform raw, cold machine data into rich human intelligence to detect hidden signals, adopt different points of view, separate fact from fiction, and see how your reputation is actually shaping up. Our sentiment text analysis solutions help you effortlessly review and stay up to date with ever-changing sea of opinions.

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