Data Collection for Real Estate Data Research & Information Services

Accurate collection of customer records helped strategically market periodicals and increase circulation

Project Overview

Business Needs

In order to increase its circulation of its monthly, weekly and daily publications the client was looking to:

  • Assess the current subscription data base Vs market potential
  • Identify and prepare mailing lists of potential customers to target the marketing campaigns

To further these objectives the client partnered with Hitech to extract relevant data from more than 10 million real estate documents such as Deeds, Mortgages, Assignments, Releases, Credit Documents, Public notices and online resources. The data captured related to multiple fields such as contact details, document type, geography and other demographics. The consolidated data needed to be categorised and presented in a structured manner.

The Challenges

  • Hiring skilled resources to capture data from different data sources and formats with high level of accuracy.
  • Domain knowledge to comprehend and accurately categorize real estate data from complex property documents.
  • Addressing huge volumes of diverse data from multiple property documents.

Solutions and Results

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  • A team of 500+ data entry professionals working across three shifts was set up. The time zone advantage ensured reduced timelines and 24*7 operations. The team could absorb spikes / drops in volumes up to 30%.
  • The operations were conducted from three geographically separated locations for business continuity.
  • 28,000 plus customer records were captured from multiple property documents and entered directly into the client database through remote access every week for six different states/counties.
  • Custom bots/spiders were deployed to accelerate the process and manage fluctuating and huge volumes of records
  • Multi-layered data audits were conducted to ensure high accuracy.
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified process built onmulti-layered quality checks parameters critically analysed data points and data types. Used logical data controls to check each data item for any size ofdata set.

Business Impact

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