Image Editing of Fashion Accessories

Enhanced images of fashion accessories increased conversions and brand image

Project Overview

Business Needs

The online fashion accessory retailer required all his product images such as watches, purses, travel bags etc. to be edited and retouched. This entailed cleaning and extracting product images from the background for high visual impact which would help:

  • Grab customer attention
  • Enhance customer engagement
  • Increase conversions and revenue
  • Build store/brand image

The Challenges

  • Leveraging multiple photo editing techniques and technologies to ensure high quality images.
  • Managing skilled resources across shifts to address high volumes and stringent timelines.

Solutions and Results

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A seamless workflow was designed for a skilled team of graphic designers spread across shifts to factor in time differences and ensure 24*7 operations to meet high volume demands. The team edited the fashion images taking care that:

  • Dust particles and scratches from product images were cleaned while maintaining resolutions and size.
  • Blemishes and scratches were removed opacity reduced.

Technology and editing software:

  • Advanced photo editing software was used which helped in high-end image editing and enabled the client to use the images on e-commerce platform of multi-stores in various other formats.
  • Adobe Photoshop was used for editing and Adobe Lightroom for colour corrections.

Deliverables transferred to client through FTP server included:

  • More than 70,000 images completely cleaned and retouched with background removed.
  • The product visuals, though highly enhanced, retained natural texture and feel.
  • Edited and retouched images delivered within 36 hours.

Business Impact

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