Data Entry Project for a Data Analytics Company

8M+ property records aggregated with high accuracy build a high performing data repository.

Project Overview

Business Needs

The client a Texas-based global energy data analytics and SaaS technology company provided accurate title evidence insights to its customers. The client looked to enhance its database that could act as a reliable platform providing important information related to land records, leasing information, and details of real estate and mineral rights transactions lying with county courthouses. For this purpose, the client wanted to aggregate data points like deed, deed of trust, assignments, etc. from title documents resting with different courthouses in the USA.

The technology company looked for a partner who could help capture huge volumes of data from unstructured sources, verify and validate the data, cleanse and standardize, and finally present it in the format integrable with the client’s platform.

The Challenges

  • Addressing huge volumes of diverse property data from multiple property documents.
  • Extracting required information from an unstructured or hand-written 100+ page document for every single record.
  • Segregating and tagging relevant property information from the huge range of title documents.
  • Capturing, verifying, validating, and integrating data from disparate sources.
  • Skilled resources with high-end data capture skills to capture data with a high level of accuracy.
  • Domain knowledge to comprehend real estate and courthouse complex terminologies.
  • Maintaining a high level of data entry accuracy as even a minor mistake made public could invite legal penalties.

Solutions and Results

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  • A seamless workflow was planned in collaboration with the client to capture information from county courthouses documents, cleanse, validate, verify, standardize and upload onto the client database.
  • A team of 20 skilled resources with domain knowledge was set up to execute the vast task of processing huge volumes of title documents.
  • 24/7 operations were ensured by dividing the workforce into shifts which helped leverage time zone benefits as well.
  • The team was trained to understand the terminologies related to the complex property-related terms, state and county regulations, etc.
  • High volumes of title documents were shared by the client as scanned files in TIFF and PDF formats which the team accessed over the client’s remote application using secured credentials.
  • The team manually captured/entered data from title documents such as Deed, Deed of Trust, Assignments, etc. in pre-defined templates.
  • The data was further cleansed, standardized, and structured as per the format required by the client.
  • Double-layered QC process including both manual as well as rule-based validation and verification by quality controllers ensured data authenticity against the source documents.
  • Processed up to 1.5M+ title documents which translated to approx. 8M+ records till date with 99.5% accuracy.
  • Detailed reports on the number of documents scraped vs. received, accuracy, and productivity shared with the client on weekly basis.
  • Tools and technology used: Windows Virtual Desktop and Customer Data Entry Application.

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