20K+ Property Parcels Created For A Property Firm

Polygon-based property parceling streamlines boundary mapping

Project Overview

Business Needs

The company’s portal provided details about properties, including GIS boundary mapping with accurate coordinates. For a consistent CX, they wanted expert’s assistance to keep the data accurate, valid, and updated. Quantitatively, this meant clearing 5000+ parcel entries backlog, and supporting ongoing parcel mapping from 100+ brochures.

The Challenges

The team faced project challenges such as

  • Looking up for properties on maps using zip codes as actual coordinates were not available.
  • Training resources to work on client’s portal for boundary mapping.
  • Upgrading team skills with changing software when client transitioned mid project cycle from Q-GIS to ArcGIS.

Solutions and Results

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  • We began by collecting relevant information from brochures to locate the parcel on ArcGIS platform for drawing boundary polygons.
  • Important data elements like property names, address, agent/owner details, and zip codes were extracted manually.
  • Next, we looked for similar parcel on the portal to find out exact property coordinates.
  • Using the extracted coordinates, we made polygons using ArcGIS platform:
    • Initial work was done in Q-GIS portal, which involved uploading the data and exporting it using one drive/FTP servers.
    • Next, the QC team at client’s end approved or asked for revisions and uploaded the data online with boundary mapping.
    • Transitioning from Q-GIS to ArcGIS, members were trained hierarchically for faster TATs and maintaining quality.
  • After the polygons were drawn and validated they were populated to ArcGIS portal.
  • In QC, polygons were manually validated for multiple data points.

Business Impact

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