CRM Data Clean Up & Update for Academic Analytics Company

Data cleansing and validation to help business growth

Project Overview

Business Needs

Client provides researched information and analytical services on articles and papers to educational institutions. The data required cleansing and validation through web research and application of human intelligence to feed into analytical systems.

The Challenges

  • Handling Clean up process for large and diverse volumes of CRM data on daily basis.
  • Validating huge datasets based on web research and human intelligence.
  • Overcoming the subjectivity element in the task.
  • Hiring resources with strong linguistic, comprehension and logical skills at competitive rates.

Solutions and Results

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  • A team of skilled resources with excellent data cleansing, web research, validation and decision-making skills was set up.
  • The team receives ongoing training to work directly on the client’s CRM database.
  • The CRM data for multiple parameters including researcher, geography, type of paper etc. is validated using a combination of web research and application of human decision making.
  • Agile approach helps meet client’s fluctuating data cleansing requirements.
  • Ongoing connect with client over calls addresses grey areas, remove inconsistencies and maintain accuracy in the process to clean up CRM data.

Business Impact

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