Data Verification for Financial Advisory Firm

Financial data verification helped develop customer-centric investment portfolios

Project Overview

Business Needs

The client supported EDOs with investment intelligence to help them bring in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). This required voluminous financial data to be collected, verified, consolidated and structured into customer-centric investment portfolios. The advisory firm hence approached Hitech BPO to support the data collection and verification activities.

The Challenges

  • Voluminous task of verification of 28 thousand records with more than 80 fields like foundation year, employee count, revenue, contact details, global head quarter etc.
  • High end web research skills and logical thinking abilities required to feed in missing information.
  • Different verification sources gave dissimilar information for the same company; hence identifying the right source was a challenge.
  • Data decay made verification of contact details challenging.

Solutions and Results

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Two project teams with different skill levels were formed to handle data collection and verification of different complexities to optimize resource utilization.

  • Simple data verifications like contact details were assigned to semi-skilled professionals.
  • Critical information which involved application of logic and intelligence, like company revenue, employee count etc. were gathered and verified by high skilled professionals.

Macros, programmable bots, and customized crawlers were developed and deployed.

  • To crawl through multiple websites to determine the address of company’s global headquarters.
  • Identify and verify dissimilar information of same company across various data sources.

Verified data across multiple fields was consolidated into a structured database; automated rules were applied to cleanse and standardise the data.

The final data was presented in a customer-centric investment portfolio format.

Business Impact

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