Data Cleansing and Enrichment of Hospitality Records

Data cleansing significantly improves CX and revenue in hospitality sector

Project Overview

Business Needs

The data aggregator company was struggling to maintain voluminous hospitality database on its portal. Data enrichment for data aggregators was a time-consuming and costly task to keep the hospitality database accurate and updated. They sought an agile data standardization process to enhance data quality, involving meticulous verification and validation of 14.5 million records, each with 50 attributes, from 60 countries and disparate data sources. Hitech BPO was approached to standardize, validate, and enrich data fields, enabling clients to boost market share and conversion rates.

Challenges in Database Cleansing and Enrichment

  • Transitioning swiftly from the client’s in-house hospitality records cleansing arrangements to Hitech BPO’s expert teams.
  • Rapidly recruiting and educating a group of data experts possessing significant expertise in hospitality initiatives.
  • Incorporating 50 distinct fields for each record gathered from a variety of unstructured and structured sources.
  • Adhering to a 12-hour cycle for the delivery of a purified and enhanced leads database.
  • Adapting to regular modifications in response to shifting business priorities.

Solutions and Results

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In this data enrichment case study, the initial evaluation of the client’s existing data cleansing and enrichment process helped us successfully design and implement a comprehensive data consolidation framework, incorporating an automated data cleansing process to enhance data quality and prepare it for client delivery.

The meticulous five-step data cleansing and enrichment process included:

1. Check Table:

  • 14.5 million records were validated against an existing master repository using scripted macros.
  • Junk data (5-10%) underwent manual validation before integration into the clean data pool.
  • Fuzzy or low confidence data underwent rule-based validation.

2. Web Research

  • Programmable and scheduled bots were employed to scrape online data sources.
  • 2 million plus records underwent real-time authentication against online data.
  • Data enrichment professionals verified information through direct contact, when necessary.

3. Segmentation:

  • Over 1 million records were segmented and assigned industry codes based on the client’s defined logic and hospitality industry standards.

4. Audit and Review:

  • A thorough quality check process, including de-duplication and re-validation, was conducted using programmable macros and scripts to ensure data integrity.
  • The data was then prioritized according to predefined rules relevant to the marketing campaign.

5. Dispatch and Delivery:

  • The cleansed, validated, and enriched data files were automatically uploaded to FTP servers.

Behind the Scenes: Quality Data Enrichment for a Premier Data Aggregator

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