Quality Data Cleansing and Enrichment for A Data Aggregator

Data cleansing significantly improves CX and revenue in hospitality sector

Project Overview

Business Needs

The client wanted to maintain voluminous hospitality database of over 14.5 million records constantly updated with accurate data. It wanted to implement a data standardization process, involving verification, validation, enrichment and append. With the quality data they intended to increase conversions and market share.

The Challenges

  • Transitioning from client’s in-house data management set-up to Hitech at short notice
  • Hiring and training a team of data specialists with extensive experience of working on hospitality projects
  • Integrating 50 fields for every single record collected from multiple unstructured and structured sources
  • Maintaining a 12-hour cycle to deliver cleansed and enriched leads database
  • Accommodating frequent changes based on shifts in business priorities

Solutions and Results

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  • After initial assessment, we documented a workflow involving a mix of manual and automated steps.
  • Macros were used to validate 14.5 million records. For Fuzzy or low confidence data rule-based validation was used. Junk data (5-10%) was manually validated before integrating with the clean data pool.
  • Data was scraped using bots and crawlers. Random checks were initiated to ascertain contact validity.
  • Records were segmented by assigning industry codes as per client login and hospitality industry standards.
  • Data was sent to the client – through automatic upload on FTP servers – according to predefined protocols and relevance to the marketing campaigns.
  • Dashboards helped the client to get real-time insights on the amount of data processed and data demographics.
  • 2 million plus records were successfully authenticated in real-time and pushed into CRM annually, as data cleansing was significantly expedited.

Business Impact

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