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Strong data hygiene streamlines data aggregation and builds a quality B2B database

Project Overview

Business Needs

The B2B data aggregator was looking for a database validation, update and enrichment solution to maintain its 50 Million-record. It was searching for an experienced partner that can streamline voluminous omni-channel data sourcing from diverse data sources.

The Challenges

  • Frequent changes in firmographics and technographic compelled constant updates and validations.
  • Data captured from private smaller and medium size firms needed to be audited.
  • Stringent access norms had to be followed to exploit multiple data sources.
  • Huge volumes of omni-channel data were to be validated and managed in real-time.

Solutions and Results

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  • We applied a multi-step approach comprising manual research, machine learning and custom rules to drive continuous database update. This worked as:
    • Existing database was populated with new multi-sourced business profiles.
    • Validate the data further and enrich it with new information.
    • Regularly cleanse and de-dupe the database.
  • Scheduled bots and crawlers to harvest raw data from structured as well as unstructured data sources – across time zones and geographies.
  • Rules-based validation process successfully authenticated firmographics, technographic, geographic details etc. from various sources.
  • Uninterrupted database enrichment was ensured using robotic process automation (RPA) after verification and validation.
  • Multi-layered validity checks confirmed that only 100% accurate, relevant and recent data was harvested.
  • Data quality audits were conducted to search missing records, which were fixed with append operations, to keep the dataset complete and authentic.

Business Impact

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