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Boost AI-powered retail solutions with precise data labeling

  • Accurate product image labeling
  • Advanced customer review annotation
  • Detailed categorization for e-commerce
  • Efficient text classification
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Our top-tier data annotation services ensure precise product categorization, and sentiment annotation for better customer insights.

We ensure every product, image, and document is accurately tagged and categorized for enhanced AI model training. Retail data annotation requires time, expertise, and hard work for every product image, customer review, and textual data point to be accurately labeled. Our expert data annotators understand the unique challenges faced by retail businesses in leveraging data for AI and machine learning. We help you tackle these challenges with our comprehensive data annotation services, including image annotation, product categorization, text classification, and sentiment annotation, tailored to the retail sector.

Our team is adept at handling large volumes of data and delivering high-quality, ML-ready datasets. Our labeling precision enables your AI models to deeply understand customer behavior, and drive sales through personalized engagement, product recommendations, optimized search functionality, and predictive inventory management.

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Retail Data Annotation Services, We Offer

Image Annotation

Image Annotation

Accurate tagging and labeling of retail images ensuring precise product recognition by scripts, ML and AI models for streamlined search and inventory management.

Product Categorization

Product Categorization

We classify products into specific predefined categories based on features and attributes, facilitating product organization, navigation, search and recommendation systems.

Text Classification

Text Classification

Efficient categorization and organization of textual data associated with retail images and documents, enabling improved data management and retrieval processes.

Sentiment Annotation

Sentiment Annotation

We identify and tag positive, negative, neutral and other customer sentiments in reviews and comments to aid targeted marketing and service improvements.

Retail Industry Data Annotation Process


Data Collection

Gather diverse consumer behavior and product data.


Data Annotation

Classify products, interactions, and shopping patterns through annotation.


Quality Assurance

Conduct quality checks to guarantee precision of annotated data.


Data Security

Enforce robust data security protocols to secure customer/ transaction data.



Integrate annotated data into AI models to optimize inventory management.

Industries and Verticals, We Serve

Data annotation services for various industries and domains.


How You Benefit from Our Retail Image Annotation Services

Advanced Annotation Techniques

Advanced Annotation Techniques

Our team employs cutting-edge methods for image annotation, ensuring precision and efficiency in categorization, classification, and sentiment labeling.



Adapt and grow your retail solutions with our scalable annotation services, backed by experts, latest tools and infrastructure to meet demands of any size.

Customized Annotation Models

Customized Annotation Models

Leverage our team’s deep understanding of the nuances of retail data. We cater to unique retail AI requirements and build personalized solutions for specific needs.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our rigorous quality control processes guarantee high-quality annotations, and ensure your AI models interpret retail data with high reliability, consistency and precision.

FAQs Retail Data Annotation

What is data annotation for retail and ecommerce?

Data annotation for retail and e-commerce involves labeling data, such as images, text, and customer interactions, to make it understandable for machine learning models. This process enables automated systems to recognize patterns and make informed decisions, enhancing customer experience, product recommendations, and inventory management.

How can data annotation help my retail business?

Data annotation can significantly boost your retail business by improving product discovery, personalizing customer experiences, optimizing inventory management, and automating customer service. Annotated data trains AI models to understand customer behavior and preferences, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

What types of data are annotated for retail and ecommerce?

Types of data annotated for retail and e-commerce include product images and descriptions, customer reviews, chatbot conversations, and transaction histories. These datasets help in training algorithms for image recognition, sentiment analysis, recommendation systems, and fraud detection.

How much does data annotation for retail cost?

The cost of data annotation for retail varies widely, depending on the complexity of the task, the volume of data, and the level of expertise required. It can range from a few cents per data point for simple tasks to several dollars for more complex annotations, with bulk projects potentially qualifying for discounts.

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