Self-driving Vehicles Annotation

Enhance AI driving systems with precision-labeled data

  • Advanced object recognition and 3D cuboid annotation
  • Robust semantic and roadway tagging
  • High-precision LiDAR point cloud processing
  • Accurate annotation of complex shapes
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Expert annotation to increase reliability of self-driving vehicle models

Raise AI performance and road safety by turning complex road scenes into clear instructions for your AI for safer and smarter autonomous driving.

We at HitechBPO understand the complexities of annotating data and images for autonomous vehicle systems. We offer high-quality semantic segmentation, LiDAR data annotation, roadway image tagging, object detection and polygon & polyline annotation to guarantee accurately labeled data for vehicle AI models.

Our team of skilled annotators is trained in automotive image processing, traffic sign and signal recognition, and annotating for AI-assisted road safety analysis. Utilizing the latest practices in sensor fusion data labeling, we ensure that your AI can reliably handle extremely high data volumes. Our process involves rigorous quality checks to guarantee the data annotation meets the needs of AI models that handle real-world navigation.

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Self-Driving Vehicle Data Annotation Services, We Offer

Our suite of data annotation services is designed to meet the intricate needs of AI and machine learning in the development of autonomous driving technologies:

Our Self-Driving Vehicle Data Annotation Process


Data Collection

Gathering relevant driving data tailored to your autonomous vehicle project needs.


Data Annotation

Employing advanced techniques for accurate labeling and categorization of driving data.


Quality Assurance

Rigorous quality checks to ensure high accuracy and reliability of annotated data.


Data Security

Implementing stringent data security measures to protect the privacy and integrity of driving data.


Integration and Deployment

Seamlessly integrating annotated data into AI models for enhanced autonomous driving capabilities.

Industries and Verticals, We Serve

Data annotation services for various industries and domains.


How You Benefit from Self-Driving Vehicle Data Annotation Services

Customized Annotation Solutions

Customized Annotation Solutions

Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific requirements of AI and machine learning in autonomous driving and trained with relevant and accurate data.

Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability and Flexibility

Our services are scalable to handle large volumes of driving data, and flexible to adapt to various annotation needs, with efficiency.

Industry-Specific Expertise

Industry-Specific Expertise

Whether it’s machine learning for object detection or AI in traffic scene analysis, our experience ensures that we meet your specific annotation needs.

Cost-Effective Services

Cost-Effective Services

Our self-driving vehicle data annotation services are competitively priced, offering you high-quality solutions without compromising on accuracy or efficiency.

FAQs Self-Driving Vehicle Data Annotation

What is data annotation for autonomous vehicles?

Data annotation for autonomous vehicles (AVs) involves labeling and categorizing driving data to make it understandable for artificial intelligence (AI) systems. This data helps vehicles navigate safely in complex environments, considering objects, traffic signs, lane markings, and other elements.

How is data annotation used to train AVs?

Data annotation trains AVs by providing a learning framework for AI models to recognize patterns and make decisions. bounding box annotation around pedestrians, the AI learns to identify pedestrians in different settings. Similarly, 3D cuboid annotation helps in understanding position and movement in space.

What types of data are annotated for AVs?

Data annotation for AVs includes images and videos captured from cameras, 3D point clouds generated by LiDAR sensors, radar data for distance, speed, and angle of objects relative to vehicle, and thermal imaging to detect living beings and other warm objects in low visibility conditions.

How much does data annotation for AVs cost?

The cost of data annotation for AVs varies widely based on data complexity, details, data volume, and turnaround time. Costs might range between $0.05 to $1.00 per annotated image for small projects, and several dollars per frame for 3D point cloud data.

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