Security & Surveillance Annotation

Enhance security AI with high-quality surveillance data labeling

  • Expert crowd and face detection annotation
  • Tailored data labeling solutions for surveillance needs
  • Accurate night-vision annotation
  • Precise image annotation for theft and weapon detection
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Improve security and Surveillance with High-Quality Training Datasets

Transform raw footage into high-quality AI training data with our annotation capabilities including instance segmentation, landmarking, night-vision annotation, and tagging of individuals and facial features.

We specialize in providing solutions in data annotation for security and surveillance. With a focus on computer vision for security systems and automated threat detection annotation, we help AI-powered surveillance solutions reach their potential. From crowd detection to identifying potential threats in the dark, our team ensures each data point is accurately labeled so AI models can interpret complex scenarios.`

Our team of expert annotators is trained in the latest technologies, ensuring that your AI systems are powered by the best possible data. We employ detailed verification and validation processes, ensuring the highest accuracy in surveillance data labeling.

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Security & Surveillance Annotation Services, We Offer

Crowd Detection

Crowd Detection

Accurately tag individuals in crowds for enhanced monitoring and safety measures.

Face Detection

Face Detection

Empower facial recognition systems with high-quality annotated datasets for enhanced security and identification processes.

Traffic Management

Traffic Management

Improve traffic flow and safety with diligently labeled datasets for real-time analysis and advanced traffic management AI solutions.

Theft Detection

Theft Detection

Strengthen theft prevention with accurately labeled datasets, annotated images and videos crucial for training theft detection AI algorithms.

Weapon Detection

Weapon Detection

Identify potential threats with annotations that help pinpoint weapons in surveillance footage and build proactive security systems.

Instance Segmentation

Instance Segmentation

Refine object recognition. Delineate and categorize each object in scenes to enhance monitoring precision.

All Night Vision

All Night Vision

Enable your AI to see clearly in the dark, with annotations that highlight crucial details.



Mark and identify landmarks for precise positioning of key features in security footage, supporting advanced recognition and analysis techniques.

Security and Surveillance Industry Data Annotation Process


Data Collection

Gather video and image data from surveillance feeds, focused on diverse scenarios.


Data Annotation

Mark security elements – individuals, vehicles, and activities – for real-time threat detection and analysis.


Quality Assurance

Implement rigorous quality control measures to accuracy and reliability in security data.


Data Security

Adhere to data protection laws and ethical guidelines for confidentiality and integrity.



Incorporate annotated data into AI models for enhanced monitoring, threat detection, and response capabilities.

Industries and Verticals, We Serve

Data annotation services for various industries and domains.


How Do You Benefit from Our Surveillance Annotation Services

Enhanced Detection Accuracy

Enhanced Detection Accuracy

Our precise annotations improve your AI’s ability to detect and recognize threats, ensuring a safer environment.

Scalable Infrastructure

Scalable Infrastructure

Our team can handle projects of any size, ensuring your AI models are trained with the highest quality data. Benefit from our scalable infrastructure.

Advanced AI Training

Advanced AI Training

Our expertly annotated data trains your AI to understand complex scenarios, making your surveillance systems smarter.

Robust Data Security

Robust Data Security

We prioritize data security with encryption, access controls, and secure storage solutions, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive surveillance data.

FAQs of Security and Surveillance Annotation

What is data annotation for security and surveillance?

Data annotation for security and surveillance involves tagging video footage, images, and audio recordings with labels to identify objects, behaviors, and events. This process trains machine learning models to recognize potential security threats, unauthorized access, or unusual activities, enhancing monitoring and response capabilities.

How is data annotation used to train security AI systems?

Data annotation is used to train security AI systems by providing them with accurately labeled datasets, enabling these systems to learn from examples. It helps AI models differentiate between normal and suspicious activities, recognize faces or license plates, and detect weapons or unattended bags, improving overall security effectiveness.

What types of data are annotated for security?

Types of data annotated for security include CCTV and drone footage, facial images, audio communications, and sensor data. These datasets are crucial for training algorithms in facial recognition, anomaly detection, object identification, and situational awareness within security and surveillance contexts.

How much does data annotation for security cost?

The cost of data annotation for security depends on the complexity and sensitivity of the data. Basic video or image labeling can range from $0.10 to $0.50 per data point. For high-precision tasks, such as facial recognition or specific threat detection, costs can escalate to $1.00 or more per data point. Pricing varies based on project requirements and data confidentiality.

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