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  • Advanced intent and sentiment analysis
  • Accurate text annotation and classification
  • Efficient named entity recognition (NER)
  • Seamless audio and text transcription
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Scale text and audio training datasets, derive, and understand valuable insights from voluminous text within documents enabling your apps to understand human language.

We at Hitech BPO, as the best NLP service company, provide a range of services including Intent/sentiment analysis, Text annotation and classification, named entity annotation, comparisons, and many more to help you build new applications and integrate NLP capabilities into existing systems.

Our diverse team with multilingual support in over 25 languages, as well as a deep understanding of cultural nuances that can affect text perception, work closely with you to customize processes for your Natural Language Processing requirements. We also offer specialized teams with backgrounds in healthcare, law, psychiatry, and more to train your NLP applications. We categorize and analyze message intent and sentiment to help you address customer concerns, track brand sentiment, and understand your customer base.

We utilize advanced tools and techniques for accurate text annotation, focusing on keyword extraction, text mining, and AI integration for superior language understanding. Our NLP annotators design and deploy custom processes to deliver that winning mix of quality, speed, and security for your NLP projects.

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NLP Annotation Services, We Offer

Intent/Sentiment Analysis

Intent/Sentiment Analysis

Dive deep into customer sentiments and intentions with our advanced analysis, crucial for enhancing customer experience and brand perception.

Text Annotation and Classification

Text Annotation and Classification

Organize and categorize large volumes of text data, enabling efficient data management and trend analysis for informed decision-making.

Named Entity Recognition (NER)

Named Entity Recognition (NER)

Extract key information such as names, places, and dates from text, streamlining data processing and insights generation.

Structured Analysis

Structured Analysis

Labeling text data with predefined categories to represent the meaning and structure of the text for named entity recognition, classification, sentiment analysis, etc.

Our NLP Annotation Process


Data Collection

Gathering relevant text and speech data tailored to your project needs.


Data Annotation

Employing advanced techniques for accurate data labeling and categorization.


Model Training

Utilizing machine learning to develop robust NLP models for diverse applications.


Testing and Validation

Rigorous testing to ensure accuracy and reliability of NLP models.


Deployment and Integration

Seamlessly integrating NLP solutions into your business operations for enhanced efficiency and insights.


How You Benefit from Our NLP Annotation Services

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Customized Solutions

Our tailored NLP annotation solutions are designed to align perfectly with your specific business objectives and challenges, ensuring a personalized approach to language processing.

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Scalability and Flexibility

Our NLP annotation services are scalable and flexible, accommodating the evolving needs of your business, making us an adaptable partner in your growth journey.

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Real-Time Insights

Leverage the power of real-time data processing with our NLP annotation services, enabling insights from text and speech data for responsiveness and strategic planning.

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Enhanced Data Security

We prioritize the security of your data, ensuring robust data protection measures throughout the processing and analysis phases of our services.

Industries and Verticals, We Serve

Empowering diverse industries with customized NLP annotation services.

FAQs for NLP Annotation Service

What is NLP and how does it work?

NLP (Natural Language Processing) uses algorithms to process and understand human language, enabling machines to interpret, analyze, and respond to text and speech. Hitech BPO powers NLP with its annotation solutions.

What are the benefits of using NLP annotation services?

NLP solutions offers enhanced data processing, deeper customer insights, and the automation of routine tasks. Our NLP annotation solutions enable businesses to efficiently analyze large volumes of textual data for actionable insights.

What are the different types of NLP applications?

NLP applications include customer service chatbots, sentiment analysis, content categorization for organizing data, language translation, etc. They rely on accurate and precise annotation solutions to perform efficiently.

How much do NLP annotation services cost?

The cost of NLP annotation services depends on the complexity of the project, the volume of data to be annotated, and the specific requirements of the task. We offer customized pricing models to fit the unique needs of each project.

How can I implement NLP in my business?

Implementing NLP in your business with Hitech BPO involves a detailed assessment of your needs, collection of relevant text or speech data, and the integration of custom-developed NLP models tailored to your business processes.

What data do I need for NLP applications?

For NLP applications, you’ll need to provide relevant text and speech data that align with your specific needs. Hitech BPO will assist in identifying, collecting, and preparing the right datasets for NLP model training.

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