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Top 7 Reasons Why You Need Real Estate Photo Editing Services

importance of high quality property photos
Photos that create an appealing view of a property are vital for superior online buyer experience and business growth. Real estate photo editing services create photographs that are attractive and convert prospects into buyers.

Over the last decade with online sales gaining momentum, real estate players have swung their focus to enhancing the visual appeal of their properties. For this, they are increasingly investing in scaling up infrastructural and resource capabilities as well as tying up with strategic partners.

Today, 99% of millennials search for their future home/apartment on the internet, and 79% consider property photos indispensable for their home-buying experience. Surveys show that properties listed with HD quality photos receive 118% more online views; they sell 32% faster and yield 47% higher prices – compared to those with low-quality images or none.

This makes property photos an important tool for marketing or generating a lead for sale. This is why real estate marketplaces are associating with property photo editing and retouching service providers.

Here, we take a look at why real estate photo editing is necessary for real estate marketplaces.

7 reasons why real estate photos need editing

Real estate photographers, even with the best equipment and the best photography skills; sometimes cannot capture perfect property photos. Improper shadows, gloomy sky, dusty walls, shabby color, and harsh surroundings weaken the beauty of the property in the photo.

Here are a few technicalities that make real estate photo editing a necessity.

1. Outdoor object removal

Outdoor object removal sample

In a hurry to sell your property, you often end up capturing images with objects that cause distraction. A car blocks the view of your front yard. A power cable runs through your porch. A dustbin spoils your kitchen aesthetics. Such objects may escape your notice, but they adversely affect the view.

Object removal helps to selectively eliminate such objects. It helps you to depict property elements free of all disturbances. Incidentally, irrespective of possessing great photography expertise, the job of removing objects is not for the best photographers. A professional photo editor is required for that.

2. Real estate image stitching

Real estate image stitching sample

Property images on real estate marketplaces need to be of the best quality. Much of the impression of photos depends on external factors like weather, time of the day, exposure to sunlight, etc. Since images are captured against these conditions, image stitching is used to get or create the best image.

As a technique that stitches together multiple property images with different exposures, real estate image stitching produces the best view. Technically, it combines various layers of tones and colors and masking to produce the image that offers the best effect. This works as a high-impact technique that offers a real-life experience to prospects.

3. Single exposure editing

Single exposure editing sample

Photographers always strive to achieve the best exposure since it determines the visibility of the key property elements. Having multiple images with different exposures is confusing, which makes identifying images with close-to-desired exposure a specialist’s job.

In single exposure editing, photo editors leverage tools such as Lightroom, Luminar, Exposure X7 and Capture One to blend images with different exposures. This involves a series of steps – creating a base exposure, creating an underexposed image, creating an overexposed image, and finally merging exposures. This technique helps replace the ordinary effects in the raw image with renewed image features and renders an appealing look.

4. Multiple exposure blending

Single exposure editing sample

An ideal well-exposed property image is hard to achieve. This calls for the need to take multiple exposures. These exposures must be blended to capture the full dynamic range for highlighting the property. Blending exposures matters when contrasts levels are not satisfactory, and natural settings affect luminosity.

Multiple exposures blending in real estate photo editing is used regularly to achieve a natural effect. Images with different exposures are selected and superimposed over each other to produce an exposure that comes from these images. The exposure achieved is perfect in the sense that it is what human eyes usually perceive. So, whether it’s indoor or outdoor, you create real-life effects.

5. Real estate SKY change services

Real estate SKY change sample

Sky editing and sky retouching are common activities in property photo retouching and editing. That is because 70% of viewers prefer a flawless blue sky. You may not have an ideal sky every time you choose to shoot your property outdoor. Cloudy weather, giving the sky a grayish appearance, hardly pleases the audience.

The sky plays an important role in highlighting a property image. Sky editing imparts standard effects to the existing sky settings. It not only makes the sky more appealing but also enhances the appearance of other objects in the image.

6. Digital decluttering

Digital decluttering sample

Clutter and messy settings in your property photos distract your audience. Digital decluttering serves as a one-stop technique to remove clutter from images. There might be situations when removing objects from settings before photographing may not be workable.

Your dining room, kitchen or even your swimming pool have scores of objects lying around. This will require you to declutter images once they are captured. Even if rooms are overstuffed and being lived in, they can be shown as neat, clean, or empty by applying specialized techniques.

7. Enhanced window view

Enhanced windows view sample

Windows in your property determine your property’s visual effectiveness and aesthetics. The proportion of light, exposure, color effects and the degree to which an object is getting highlighted are linked to the window effect. Perfect window exposure gives your property a breathtaking view and compels the audience to explore further.

Real estate window photo editing concentrates on rendering an elegant and sophisticated look to windows. From improving the sharpness of window frames, correcting distortions and refining glass effects, to converting dim interiors into well-exposed, bright settings, window effect enhancement changes an image appeal.

Boost marketplace conversions with high-quality property images.

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Benefits of photo editing services for real estate marketplaces

Discussed in brief, below are some of the obvious benefits of associating with photo editing services.

benefits of photo editing services for real estate marketplaces

Provide superior buyer experience

Real estate photo editing services help to meet the changing expectations of online buyers. With special treatments and techniques, photo editing experts create ideal property views and create online images and videos that guide prospects in making purchase decisions.

Realistic images increase conversions

Without retouching, it is hardly possible to attain desired effects concerning every single element of a property. Photo editors highlight the aesthetics and keep the feel natural. As experts, they are well-versed in the application of techniques like virtual staging (VS) that improve conversions.

Properties with visual impact

To stay ahead, real estate marketplaces don’t only need images, but images that sell properties and maintain consistency. Photo editing services help to grab eyeballs. They bring the visual impact to an image that can sway customers.

HD quality images at cost-effective rates

Having high quality is always desirable, but knowing the high cost of photo editing tools, realtors find themselves far from rightly editing the images on their own. Photo editing services perform the same operations at a much lower cost and help realtors to achieve two objects simultaneously – cost reduction and perfect photo portfolio creation.

Why outsource real estate photo editing services

So how does outsourcing helps solve voluminous HD quality property image requirements?

why outsource real estate photo editing services

1. Quick turnaround time and zero photo processing liability

If you are an MLS from the US, you can leverage the time difference to your benefit by collaborating with a photo editor from India. Time zone differences reduce turnarounds and help process more images in a 24-hour cycle.

Managing the 12-hour delivery cycle to edit and send 3,000+ property images daily captured by 20 different photographers helped a US-based photography and videography company to distribute high-quality property images across real estate marketplaces and various social media platforms in the shortest turnaround time.

With outsourcing, you are never accountable for any errors, as error accountability completely rests with photo editors. You can ask the editors to loop the photos through editing cycles until they meet your criteria.

2. Perfect technique selection

A contextual issue may be solved using multiple techniques. However, those techniques that will give the best results in line with the objectives have to be selected for better outcomes.

Experienced photo editors led by a team of supervisors and managers are the key to finalizing the techniques to be used for real estate image editing. Experience, teamwork, and knowledge of techniques (E.g., Perspective correction, lawn correction etc.) spell the difference in delivering fast work.

3. Scalability and flexibility

Scaling in photo editing projects is a daunting task. There are resource constraints, the pipelines must be updated, and plans must be changed. To scale against short-notice and unforeseen requirements are regular challenges for players in the real estate marketplace.

Solving scalability issues is routine for professional real estate photo editing companies. They are prepared to handle fluctuating work volumes. They have a reserved pool of editors and an ever-updating photo editing toolbox to fill the gap whenever the project scales up suddenly.


Real estate photos exist in a dynamic environment of emerging challenges, new-age expectations, and rapidly evolving trends. Image editing and retouching in real estate are thus unavoidable. Real estate marketplaces are keenly aware of the need to ensure realism and quality effects in images and the requirement to keep their image inventory constantly updated.

The necessity of fine-tuning, furnishing, and transforming images thus demands specialists at the job. Since it is difficult for realtors to satisfy the prerequisites of successful real estate photo editing, the best option for them stands to be that of partnering with an expert. By ensuring the right ingredients through the right techniques, professional real estate photo editors boost ROI.

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