Text Mining

How do you understand the riches buried in the myriad of text and documents to make better business decisions?

Unlock the meaning of unstructured text

We use techniques driven by linguistic, statistical, and machine learning to structure and index the text to enrich it for further use and gain insights.

We use natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to read the text and turn into quantitative, actionable insights. Our analysts use tested methods and proven approaches to analyze & understand the likes – dislikes, opinion – attitudes and sentiments expressed in a piece of text. We not only extract values and insights from unstructured information stored in internal repositories; but also acquired from external online sources and streams.

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Unlock The Meaning of Unstructured Text
Addressing Data Veracity

Addressing data veracity

We equipped with industry specific Thesauri; Taxonomies & Ontologies helps us manage millions of documents & emails, online reviews, survey results, and many more – really fast.

Our text mining solutions focus on text-heavy business data and are intended to handle the most relevant part of your enterprise business data which is stored as unstructured content in the form of text. We help companies take advantage of information to improve strategic business activities and boost decision making. We identify facts, relationships and assertions; to glean accurate insights about your customers.

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Benefits with us

Statistical approaches

Arbitrary text data in any natural language & multi-lingual formats with minimum human supervision.


Combine millions of documents, terabytes of data, and search terms to extract/identify complex concepts and classes.

Domain specific

Knowledge of Thesauri, Taxonomies & Ontologies that describe concepts and relationships within your industry.


Expertise to address different text mining challenges, and combining it with conventional techniques to get specific tasks done.
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