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Do you know how our text mining services can help you index text to enrich it further and gain insights?

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Create meaningful connections from unstructured text

We deliver comprehensive text mining services with techniques that leverage linguistic, statistical, and machine learning to manage content, make recommendations, and pursue advanced search and discovery.

We use natural language processing (NLP) algorithms as part of our text mining solutions and convert data into quantitative, actionable insights. Our analysts use pertinent methods to package content, reuse information, manage in-house content, classify documents, and find information from locked data. We derive insights from user actions including likes, opinions, sentiments, values, transforming unstructured information into structured data.

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Addressing data veracity

We organize data sets for efficient content moderation, thorough analysis and chat bot experiences, managing data sources that include company documents, emails, reviews, surveys, and others.

Our text mining solutions focus on business data stored as unstructured text content to identify patterns and trends that provide high-quality insights. We participate in information retrieval, natural language processing, information extraction, and data relationship identification to manage high accuracy in our insights. Since 80% of data resides in unstructured format, we help companies make sense of the information structuring the data sets to enable analysis and insight-based decision-making of organizations, leading to better outcomes.

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Addressing Data Veracity

What You Get with Our Text Mining Services

Statistical approaches

Statistical tokenization

Tokenization of large text matter to develop a coherent summary derived from statistics in any natural language for multi-lingual formats using adequate text clustering and document matching tasks.

Domain specific

Domain specific categorization

Leverage taxonomies & ontologies to define relationships within the industry, classifying them into relevant topics or categories.


Sentiment analysis

We detect positive or negative sentiment from data sources, track changes in attitudes and provide information about brand and product perceptions.


Information extraction

Extract structured information from different entities, with techniques like feature selection, extraction and name recognition to get text mining tasks done.

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