Social Sentiment

Social media mentions more than often tell you the ‘what’, how to find the ‘why’ or ‘how’.

Evaluate brand reputation

We help you reinforce brand attributes through favorable posts to get ahead of negative comments and competitors before they damage your brand reputation.

We combine natural language processing (NLP) and customized algorithms to process the massive amount of social data to analyze occurrences that impact your brand image. We provide real insights and learnings on the levels of engagement your content marketing efforts are generating and the general online reputation you are creating online via content that your audiences are creating. Our insights on social sentiments help you to better understand and measure customer opinions and attitudes towards your brand, products, services, campaigns.

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Evaluate Brand Reputation
Know Competition to Move Ahead

Know competition to move ahead

We analyze social sentiments to provide insights ranging from understanding which brands are gaining on you, to what they offer your shared target consumers.

We help you to find out how your brand or your products or services are perceived and compared with your competitors. Our competitive intelligence includes all about what made the customer choose one product or service over another. We give actionable insights to guide your business to fulfill customer needs which are not taken care of – anywhere else. We help you not only to understand your competitors’ respective sentiments, but also to strategize how to enhance the conversation about your brand.

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Benefits with us


Automated, quick and easy access to mentions, sorting by sentiments, and tracking sentiments by keywords for insights.


Quickly monitor engagements and tone of posts and mentions to ascertain type of content and, the kind of reactions it has received.


Evaluate each mention of selected keyword, and also context of the post against related content while comparing results.


Analyze unstructured content sources – online reviews and social media posts – along with official publications & documents.
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