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How do you track, analyze, and respond to conversations about your brand and industry?

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Listen beyond positive & negative

We listen and analyze the social mentions of about your company, competitors and your industry to provide custom reports and actionable insights.

Our social listening experts just don’t watch @mentions and comments that pour in via your social profiles, forums, news, emails or blogs. Instead, we aggregate data from varied sources to understand how negative or positive sentiments impact your brand overall. We analyze conversations contextually to provide actionable insights ranging from simple acts of responding to a happy customer, to something as huge as shifting your overall brand positioning.

Determine consumer feelings accurately »

Keep marketing efforts on track

We listen to various digital marketing channels and help you leverage conversation in the social space to alter your marketing messaging and keep up with competitors.

Our social insights around your customer’s online mood or social sentiments, as to how & what they feel about your brand; helps you keep your marketing and product development efforts on track. We analyze the context and identify trends around conversations to measure the breadth of consumer, industry and cultural insights in relevant markets. Our actionable social insights help you streamline the communication process, and identify your most popular brand advocates as well as the source of criticism.

Stop spending countless hours cold-calling »
Addressing Data Veracity

What You Get with Our Social Listening

Social insight

Social insights

Listen to, and study customer responses, take action, develop features, products, & services for diversified markets.

Extended enterprise

Extended enterprise

Capture, analyze, and interpret voices, opinions, and sentiments from diverse sources, VoC transcripts & surveys.

Cast a wide net

Cast a wide net

Know where people are talking about you and your industry, and how those conversations vary across networks.



Identify and adapt to changes in engagement or sentiment to strategies positivity & correcting errors.

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Business Data Challenges

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