Opinion Mining

How to assess the opinion of a writer in a piece of text and its polarity; whether it’s positive, negative or neutral?

Move beyond sentiment analysis

We not only examine duality at document stage; but also conduct point by point fine-grained analysis of messages communicated in a given text.

Our solutions help your organization comprehend brand awareness and the drivers to why individuals feel the way – they do. We analyze text to distinguish the irrational polarity in the thoughts and opinions of online users to comprehend the drivers behind customer feelings. Our experts mine customer opinions to help your marketers assess the achievement of an advertising campaign or launch of a new product or service.

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Move Beyond Sentiment Analysis
Analyze Customer Reviews at Scale

Analyze customer reviews at scale

We use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify reactions from text generated by users to describe feedbacks and reviews in their own, unlimited words.

Our machine learning (ML) based opinion mining extracts and breaks down the opinion of individuals around a topic – faster. We then score those opinions along a scale of positive to negative, to recognize trends in attitudes and moods, and anticipate unexpected issues. We identify and understand customer opinion, from both quantitative and qualitative data, to provide your organization with actionable insights for making focused key upgrade to strategies and improve profitability.

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Benefits with us

Opinions & reviews

Sheer speed & accuracy with which algorithms identify trends from massive amounts of text sentiments.

Sentence & relation

Evaluate, identify & compare sentences against one or more similar, to extract relations expressed in them.

Language & speech

Accurate & precise opinion analysis of individual text material, done under human supervision for dynamic use.

Personalize content

Insights about how your customers opine about your company; to send them customized messages & experiences.
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