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Transform boring and dry reports into memorable dashboard designs. Discover key patterns, significant trends, and compelling correlations.

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Transform raw data into visual story

Companies rely largely on data-driven insights. We, at Hitech BPO, provide interactive data visualization services and help clients cope with information overload. We analyze and present large sets of data in interactive and intuitive dashboards, infographics, graphs, heat maps, charts and other visualizations.

We convert complex data into pixel-perfect reports and interactive dashboards to spot trends, track goal achievement, identify outliers and compare performance of several categories, products, brands, etc. Our experts even can guide you with use real time insights to stay ahead through good visual storytelling. We with you to discover insights that can help your company take advantage of opportunities, minimize and control costs.

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Data visualization solution we provide:

  • Custom Dashboard and Reporting
  • Creation of New Templates / Graphs
  • Modification of Existing Data / Graphs
  • Posting and Charting of Market Research Data
  • Storyboard Creation
  • Creation of Charts / Reports
  • Automated / Macro-Driven Charting
  • Presentation and Reports

Data is the new currency; handle, analyze and communicate it responsibly

We use tableau and Power BI tools to connect, explore and visualize your data.

We parse data in an easy-to-understand and aesthetically pleasing and meaningful format. Our visualization experts discover disparate data relationships within your data to uncover the important information, faster and easier.

Our data visuals make you understand, manipulate, and analyze the data for effective business decisions, through rich and interactive data visualization. Our solutions allow you to focus on building timely, robust, and analytics based strategies across sales, marketing, product and services.

Data Visualization Benefits
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