Data Entry of Customer Orders

Accurate order entry expedites operations across geographies

Project Overview

Business Needs

Client required an efficient order processing system to manage voluminous customer orders coming in 24/7 from different geos through multiple channels. The objective was to ensure:

  • Quick and correct delivery
  • No compromise on quality
  • Operational flexibility
  • Automation of processes wherever possible

The Challenges

Given that inaccuracies and delays in order fulfilment could lead to cancelation of order or heavy penalties leading to business losses, the client was forced to:

  • Invest significantly in resources with requisite skills
  • Invest in technical and infrastructural facilities
  • Focus energies on order processing activity which distracted in-house team from core strategic goals
  • From receipt generation to order dispatch, meet 20-minute order entry timeline in multiple time zones

Solutions and Results

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A dedicated team of skilled and experienced data entry operators comprising of key in specialists and quality controllers was set up. The team was organised to work in shifts to manage multiple time zones. A meticulous and well-coordinated process ensured that:

  • Every order detail was entered and processed within 20 minutes of receipt generation
  • Orders were picked up from the client’s server, sorted out and entered into the prescribed format
  • Discounts were applied to applicable customer groups
  • Orders were prioritized based on different groups of customers to streamline the process – For example, orders from Irish customers were keyed in before 11:00 AM GMT

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