Data Entry of Conference Records

Digitization eases information access and enhances operational efficiency

Project Overview

Business Needs

The client needed to digitise conference survey forms and capture/record sessions related information. The digitization would ensure:

  • Better control over data
  • Effective report generation and accurate analysis
  • Minimize storage space
  • Ease of data search, usage and accessibility
  • Data security and confidentiality

The Challenges

  • Deciphering hand written data with non-unique font type and size pertaining to session name, presenters, evaluation, comments of attendees etc.
  • Transferring diverse forms of scanned images into excel spreadsheets and word files
  • Managing budgetary constraints given that client was a Non-Profit Organization, low on resources.
  • Project demanded competent and skilled resources.

Solutions and Results

Want to enter data accurately from handwritten & printed documents.

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A dedicated team of 8+ skilled data entry professionals was set up to capture and enter data from more than 13,000 hand written service logs.

  • Logical and sequential workflow was developed
  • High speed dual side scanners were deployed for scanning survey forms received by express courier
  • Double key-in method was used for data entry of required fields in the template defined by the client to ensure higher accuracy
  • Stringent and multi-layered quality check process used to ensure zero errors
  • The digitized survey files were shared with the client through email, along with summary of completed records

Business Impact

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