Data Entry for Financial Processing Company

Daily key in of 50,000 checks streamlines payment processing

Project Overview

Business Needs

Client required image-based data entry of huge volumes of checks to streamline the payment process.

The Challenges

  • Accommodating resources to address random spikes in volume of checks to be processed
  • Given business sensitivity, high accuracy was to be maintained
  • Very tight budgetary allocation for the process

Solutions and Results

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A dedicated team of 10-15 skilled data entry experts was set up to enter handwritten data from the checks onto a payment software. The team needed to address peaks and valleys in volumes, which at times spiked to 50,000. Steps taken to ensure high accuracy and meeting of daily deliverables included:

  • Training in Italian language to comprehend handwritten data on checks
  • Double key-in of data to ensure high accuracy
  • Validation against error reports sent daily by client

Business Impact

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