Statistical Data Modeling

Cleansing, classification, structuring, validation and integration of enterprise data generated from conventional resources, legacy resources and social media – imperative for organizations to make smarter, faster and stronger decisions.

Turning data into business insights

At Hitech, we provide data modeling services using a combination of statistical methodologies and machine learning techniques to build analytical models both on big data as well as conventional data.

This can involve the design of experiments on sample surveys, the analytics of data as well as development of unique methods to tackle specific characteristics in the data. We identify recurring trends and patterns, build metrics and provide insights that provide value, optimal solutions and cost advantages to your business.

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Statistical Data Modeling

Our teams of data scientists leverage platforms like R, SAS, SQL, KNIME, and Python to be more productive when it comes to data preparation, machine learning and deployments.

We have a team of statisticians, econometricians and machine learners that are trained to translate customer questions into appropriate analytics methodology and provide practical solutions. We have over a decade of domain expertise in retail, BFSI, healthcare, media & entertainment, FMCG, eCommerce etc., with focus on sales and marketing.

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Visually expressive statistical data models

Data Modeling Benefits

Our data models are competent enough to be applied to experimental, social, financial, industrial and geographical types of data. Tools and methods that we put at task for statistical analytics include linear and non-linear regression analysis, logistic regression analysis, multivariate analysis, time series modeling, hypothesis testing and validation, experimental & observational studies etc.

We provide powerful data modeling solutions which are potent enough to provide valuable business insights to identify opportunities, improve efficiency, maximize effectiveness and enhance customer experiences. We empower companies to act on data trends, to attain business goals, in their industry, in their town, with their government policies while adhering to their business rules.

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