Data Collection for Furniture Retailer

Competitor price scraping helped build winning pricing strategy

Project Overview

Business Needs

The furniture retailer required real-time insights into pricing strategy of its competitors to position itself competitively. The price data was to be captured on an ongoing basis from competitor websites and e-commerce portals.

The Challenges

  • Handling large volumes of price data capture on an ongoing basis
  • Updating current pricing and dealing with fluctuating and dynamic prices
  • Developing different data capture strategies for different websites as structure of each website differed
  • Accurately mapping price to products given varying product descriptions across websites.
  • Creating custom tools to expedite process as well as to access data from complex sites.

Solutions and Results

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  • A data capture team, working in shifts and skilled in web research techniques was set for price scraping from urls defined by client.
  • The 24/7 price scraping addressed dynamic competitive pricing and enabled real-time pricing updates 
  • Customized crawler was developed which could crawl multiple websites at the same time saving time and resources
  • The extracted data was standardised and cleansed to ensure that prices extracted matched with the right product
  • Product not appearing in the crawl list for 12 weeks was removed from the crawl list
  • Update on new product launch by competitors was communicated to client immediately

Business Impact

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