Data Collection for Copyright Infringement

Web research of album labels and soundtracks helped track copyright infringements

Project Overview

Business Needs

The client, a legal firm dealing with copyright infringement needed to protect his clients’ original work from unauthorised use. And to do that he required to track websites selling copyrighted audio tracks of his clients without giving them credit or royalty. Hence the client approached Hitech BPO to capture the information through various websites. The data would help client take appropriate legal measures.

The Challenges

  • Resource allocation to scrape a wide range of websites to extract information on copyrighted product being sold without permission.
  • Automation to scrape websites with different structures and trace audio tracks listed on multiple albums.
  • Processing the extracted data to make it meaningful and usable.

Solutions and Results

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  • Client provided the list of audio tracks and the list of websites from where data was to be extracted and reviewed.
  • Given that audio track and album descriptions would vary across various websites, the team was trained to apply logic and intelligence.
  • Customized crawler was developed which could crawl through multiple websites at the same time.
  • The crawlers searched for keywords based on the audio track or album title and scraped the web pages containing those keywords.
  • This data was scraped in the form of PDF documents.
  • These PDF documents were then parsed for relevant information like Track Name, Duration, Release Date, Label, Copyright information & ASIN number & exported into .XLS files with the help of in-built OCR bots.
  • Once the data was collected in the excel sheet, the data was put through a rigorous process of data normalization & standardization to ensure accuracy.
  • Client received accurate information on the websites that listed the required audio tracks/album titles and the prices at which these tracks/albums were being sold.
  • Client was able to cross-reference the information and generate leads by finding out artists who were not being paid for their copyrighted soundtracks or albums.

Business Impact

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