ISO Crisil DNB
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Web Research Projects


Project Name Web Research for Software Companies
Project Description The project is all about online data collection for Software companies in the specific format. The companies worked upon are those which earn revenues on software products sales.
Input Data Links or websites from client.
Output Data Excel spreadsheet with complete company details and
direct submission into client’s database.
Volume of Work 100 to 120 companies per day
Type of Project Ongoing Project
Turn Around Time As per client requirements varies from 12 hrs. to a week
Tools used Linux/Windows 98, or higher, Internet connectivity, Excel
Challenges faced It was very difficult to get the information on companies
as per Client’s specifications. Few statistics like Revenue,
Profit, Biographies of Key persons were extremely
hard to find.


Project Name Company Profile Editing
Project Description The project is about web research for Companies information like financial information, top management information, advertising and public relation information.
Input Data Different kind of web research resources like and other search engines.
Output Data Working directly into client’s online database
Volume of Work 35 to 40 companies per day
Type of Project Ongoing Project
Turn Around Time Real time work
Tools used Windows XP, High Speed Internet Connectivity and Client’s online database
Challenges faced
  1. Every user must have good skills in English language.
  2. Sometimes, it is difficult to find out company’s financial information as well as person’s biographies, so web researchers are required to have broad knowledge of web research as well as key words relevant to different industries.
  3. Researchers must have knowledge of all corporate words.
  4. Sometimes researchers have to think logically when they are trying to design Top Management person’s biography.