ISO Crisil DNB
"I wanted to let you know that I have reviewed your team's work for the last couple of months and reported my findings to management here at our Company. We are very satisfied with the quality of work you have been providing us!" - Matt Bohar

Quality – Data Services

"At Hi-Tech we believe in providing high quality and time bound BPO services with an accuracy level up to 99.99%. Our processes are certified by ISO 9000:2001"

Our core focus reside on accurate data entry services with maximum level of accuracy up to 99.99%. To maintain the quality level we have several quality controls and audit procedure in placed. The type of procedure we adopt depends on the input data and the accuracy level desired by the clients.

The following chart depicts process and QC methods utilized by our team in any Data Entry Project :


  • PM - Project Manager
  • TL - Team Leader
  • DE - Data Entry Operator
  • QA - Quality Assurance Analyst


  • Initiation of the project starts from understanding the project requirements and Scope of Work definition.
  • Receiving input data from the client by FTP/E-mail/CD/DVD/Hard copies etc. format with the standards and specifications of the client.
  • The input data received is then assembled and verified to confirm the quality and the visibility of the data.
    • If there is an error in the data received, the client is informed about it.
    • If there are no errors in the data then it is assigned to respected Team leaders.
  • The team leader divides the data entry job into batches and each batch of document has a covering "Keying Specification Instruction Sheet."
  • Two data typist group enter the same data in different files to generate the same output.
  • These two files are then electronically compared through software. The program stops where it finds and mismatch between the two files giving the operators the opportunity to correct the mistakes.
  • The two files are again electronically compared to generate a third file
    • If any errors occur then they are sent for error rectification.
    • If there is no error then the completed data is sent to the Audit department for rechecking to assure high-quality.

(Note: After each and every quality check status report is been sent to the client for continuous updation.)

  • The file is audited to check the required accuracy level of 99.99%.
    • If any errors occur then the full output is again sent for reprocessing/Entry.
    • If there is no error then the final data file generated is sent to the client in the desired format.