Real Estate Property Data Collection

Real Estate Property Data Collection for UK based Company

Case Highlights:

The Company: Real Estate Data Research – Products, Information Services, Printed and Online Publications

Location: New England

Industry: Real Estate

The Objective : Property data research, collection and compilation for real estate sales & ownership, real estate listings, commercial real estate listings, foreclosure listings, craigslist real estate and many more.

The Solution: Team of 300 plus real estate data specialists’ collected 10 Million records in 2 years, comprising of high complexity data fields such as Grantor/Grantee details(name(s), address(s)), Deed date/Record Date and many more from documents including Deeds, Mortgages, Assignments, Releases, Credit Documents, and Public Notices.

The Challenges:

  • Operating out of 6 states, the client required 28,000 records weekly to be collected and compiled from several Assignments, Agreements, Credit docs, Deed, Discharge, Mortgage, and Foreclosure.
  • Client wished to publish a weekly newspaper and monthly magazine based on our online data entry records, making quality and accuracy with quick turnaround time – a more.

Technology / Software Used:

Populating data in a web based application/software provided by the client through remote access to their data server.


  • Outsourced online data entry and processing requirements fulfilled by Hi-Tech, enabled the client to effectively and efficiently continue publishing the printed and online publications, including a weekly newspaper and a monthly magazine as well.
  • By leveraging the time-zone advantage, the customer was able to publish articles at competitive prices.
  • Client redirected the in-house resources to focus on other core functions to streamline operations – effectively.

Prevailing restrained real estate market conditions compel buyers and sellers to identify the true value of property. Seller, if quotes arbitrarily high prices will make a genuine customer walk away, and if quotes too less may reduce the ROI. A buyer, who pays more for a property than what it deserves, automatically will reduce the potential returns from it. Real estate data, though crucial is not conveniently available.

Unlike mutual funds, where value of units is declared daily or share market where one can see the price of a particular share on real time basis – determining the availability and prices in real estate is a big challenge. Real estate indices and Multiple Listing Service – MLS listings do exist; however, owning real estate database of 10 Million records in 2 years has its own benefits. And your services to the client base in form of reduced homework to ascertain availability of a property and accurate prices – will make your their partner of choice.

The Solution

Project Manager led and apprised the team, comprising of team leaders and executives specializing in Data Collection from Real Estate Property Documents, about the importance of accuracy and coordination for this project.

  • Use of Customized bots / spiders to automate data collection process through a highly secured network with firewalls and auto fail over systems
  • 500+ workstations with top of the line hardware, spread across 3 locations equipped with 60 Mbps dedicated bandwidth from multiple ISPs were utilized to populate data in the web based application through remote access to client server
  • Dedicated training rooms to accommodate 25-30 attendees at a time, equipped with contemporary training facilities
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified process built on multi-layered quality checks parameters for critically analyzing data points and data types. Used logical data controls to check each data item for any size of data set.
  • Preparedness to ramp up to 100 seats at one months’ notice, while managing unpredictable spikes / drops in volumes up to 30%
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